The Mans Decree Chapter 2054

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2054
A Man Like None Other Novel
It was the tallest building in Xendale and the most lavish because it was the home of the spiritual leader and emperor of Jetroina, Yusa Tasuku.

At that moment, he stood before the windows in the great hall, admiring the bright moon. For the past couple of days, the happenings in the martial arts world of Jetroina had been giving him a headache.

Suddenly, Yusa sensed the presence of somebody standing atop the roof of the palace. In disbelief, he took off his glasses and wiped them. Then, he put them on and squinted for a closer look.

However, he couldn’t see anybody there. He let out a long sigh. This place is most heavily guarded. Nobody would be standing on the rooftop. I must be seeing things, seeing as I haven’t had any rest for the past few days.

Yusa stroked his trademark wispy mustache and prepared to head to bed, intending to call it a day. I have been so overworked the last few days that I’m seeing things. Turning around, he suddenly froze in place, unable to move..

There was a young man sitting on his couch in the living room, sampling his red wine. “Who are you?” Yusa asked fearfully.

Without his permission, no outsiders were allowed in. Furthermore, it was nighttime, and the chances of unauthorized entries was impossible. Yet, this fellow is boldly sitting here! “My name is Kai Chance.”

Kai swirled the glass before taking a sip. “This is some decent wine.” Yusa shuddered when he heard Kai’s name, which he recognized as the person responsible for creating havoc throughout the martial arts world in Jetroina. “W-What are you doing here?”

As he spoke, he edged closer to the side where an alarm was situated. “There’s no point in pressing the alarm, as it’ll only get your guards killed. I’m only here for a chat, not to harm you. Just relax.”

Kai smiled lightly before gesturing at the seat across his. “Please, have a seat.” Anyone who saw this would think Kai was the man of the house.

Yusa gazed at Kai, then slowly retracted the hand that was about to press the alarm and sat gingerly across the latter. “What would you like to talk about?” he asked timidly.

“I am aware of your status and power in Jetroina, which is why I want you to issue a decree to get those stubborn martial artists of Jetroina to submit to my divinity. As I’ve killed Kawasaki, who else would you Jetroinians worship if not me?” Kai said coldly.

Yusa frowned at those words. “I won’t participate in the matters of the martial arts world. The martial artists have a right to choose.” Kai’s eyes narrowed. “Are you saying that you won’t issue the decree?”

“That’s right.” Yusa nodded resolutely though he was inwardly quaking with fear. “If you won’t, I wouldn’t hesitate to make personnel changes to the Jetroinian monarchy.”

Having said that, Kai’s aura exploded forth. Then, a live gold dragon materialized behind Kai, twisting and turning in a display of might in the air.

Though Yusa was the emperor, he was a mortal who had never witnessed something of that nature. Gaping at the revolving dragon, he was struck dumb and shaking from head to toe. He was this close to wetting his pants.

Though he had heard that martial artists could materialize their power given enough cultivation, he had never seen it. Upon witnessing Kai’s manifestation, he became utterly stunned.

“If you don’t agree to do it, I’ll kill everyone in the martial arts world in Jetroina and become its emperor.” Kai’s aura flared once more. The dragon, whose bulging eyes resembled a bronze bell, glared fixedly at Yusa.


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