The Mans Decree Chapter 2055

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2055
A Man Like None Other Novel
Widening its maw, the dragon lunged toward him. Instantly, Yusa’s bladder gave way. “Fine! I’ll do as you say.” In response, Kai waved his hand, and the dragon retreated.

“I will write it now and dispatch somebody to announce it tomorrow,” he promised, shivering with fright. “Very well. I hope, that you won’t lie to me for your safety. You know what the consequences are.”

At that, Kai’s aura diminished, and the dragon vanished. Draining the glass of wine, he gazed at the full moon before floating away. As he gazed at Kai’s diminishing silhouette, Yusa fumed at how useless his palace’s guards were and resigned himself to issuing the decree.

There’s no way around it. It’s those martial artists’ fault for being inferior. Even its leader, Kawasaki, had fallen by Kai’s hand. There is nobody in the martial arts world who could go head-to-head with that insolent brat!

Pulling an all-nighter, he finished drafting the decree and sent a crier to announce it when dawn broke. Kai awoke late the following morning, and Ryosuke came in excitedly to greet him.

“Excellent news, Master! The emperor has issued a decree compelling the martial arts world to worship you. Those stubborn martial artists are now forced to do so!” Ryosuke announced, waving the emperor’s decree in his hand. Kai merely glanced at it expressionlessly, as he already knew the outcome from the start.

“Now that matters in Jetroina have been cleared up, Ryosuke, I believe nobody will be touching the Watanabe family in a hurry. I should be getting back.”

Ryosuke’s spirits fell at those words, and his eyes filled with reluctance. “I will oversee matters here in Jetroina in your stead, Master. Also, I will have people send over the resources periodically. However…”

Ryosuke hesitated, seemingly embarrassed to speak. “Just speak your mind,” Kai said. “Yuri has been studying in Chanaea, Master. I am hoping that she could return with you to complete her education,” Ryosuke said. “If she pleases you, she can remain by your side to serve you.”

“As Yuri is still young, she should complete her education. We can discuss her time with me in the future.” Kai did not dare take Yuri as a servant. If the women at home heard about this, I’ll have hell to pay.

Upon locating Flaxseed, Kai picked up Yuri and prepared to return home. “Come back with us, Fandor. What’s the point of remaining here alone?” Flaxseed implored Fandor.

“I don’t think I’ll come as I’m doing well here.. Besides, I no longer have to pretend to be wise. Even with my abysmal abilities, the martial artists here will worship me anyway,” Fandor said, chuckling. “As it is my friend they are now worshipping, I’m going to have the time of my life here at Jetroina.”

“Thank you for your help here over the past few days, Fandor.” Kai felt indebted. If not for Fandor having Ryosuke produce the snow lotus of Fujio Mountain, Kai could not have broke through. to Martial Arts Saint.

Furthermore, the chain of events following that would not have happened, and Kai would not have exerted his power over Jetroina that quickly.

Fandor gave a faint smile. “There’s no need to thank me. Given that you are now the divine being of Jetroina, my status has risen alongside yours.”

Soon, Kai and his companions boarded the plane back home. He gazed at his clenched fist. This time, I will eradicate the Evil Heart Sect once I got back.


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