The Mans Decree Chapter 2056

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2056
A Man Like None Other Novel
Excited to receive news of Kai’s return, Lizbeth, Cecilia, and the others dolled themselves up before arriving at Jadeborough Airport to receive him.

As they waited at the airport, the girls drew plenty of attention. Jessica was amongst them. She had taken extra care to look nice for Flaxseed. Not long after, Kai and Flaxseed appeared at the arrival gate and exited it slowly.

The girls hurried forward at the first glimpse of Kai but froze when they saw the young, pretty girl behind him. “What a nice surprise for all of you to come pick me up!”

Kai smiled when he saw the girls. The girls ignored him. Instead, they stared at Yuri who was standing behind him. “Oh, by the way, Yuri. Take a cab to school for I won’t be sending you,” Kai said upon noticing Lizbeth and the others staring at her.

“Yes, Master. Can we hang out when I have the time?” Yuri asked with a sweet smile. “Eh? You may, I suppose.” Kai seemed at a loss on how to answer Yuri. “See you later, Master, Mr. Flaxseed!”

Yuri waved, then departed in a taxi. Lizbeth and Lyanna were staring daggers at Kai after Yuri left. “You are becoming brazen, Kai. No wonder you wanted to go to Jetroina. You got yourself a servant girl, I see!” Lyanna fumed. “What are you talking about? It’s a misunderstanding. Let me explain.”

Kai knew they have misunderstood. “There is no misunderstanding!” Cecilia snapped. “Explain yourself when we get home.” At their leader’s order, the other girls surrounded Kai and forced him into the car.

Flaxseed burst out laughing at Kai. Jessica gave his ear a violent wrench. “Did you do anything you’re not supposed to in Jetroina? I know how lecherous Jetroinian women are.” “No, I didn’t. I promise I did not.”

Flaxseed chuckled before leaving with his arm around Jessica’s waist. Kai paid Flaxseed a visit that evening. He wanted to ask Jessica about how the search for Evil Heart Sect had been going.

However, he heard something that made him blush upon arriving at Flaxseed’s room. At a loss for words, Kai lit a cigarette and waited. Half an hour later, the noise coming from Flaxseed’s room finally subsided.

Flaxseed opened the door and was taken aback to find Kai standing there. “What are you doing here, Kai? When did you arrive?” Kai rolled his eyes at him. “I’ve been here for half an hour.”

Flaxseed giggled and ushered Kai into the room. Jessica had gotten dressed by that point.. Blushing furiously, she greeted Kai. “How is the progress of the matter with Evil Heart Sect, Jessica?” Kai asked abruptly.

“I found a secret realm of Evil Heart Sect, Mr. Chance, but I don’t know if that’s where they’re holding your girlfriend. Besides, I dared not open it in your absence,” Jessica reported. “Where is it?” Kai asked excitedly.

“At the backyard of Warriors Alliance. That’s where the entrance to the secret realm is. I told Godrick to have his men keep a close eye on it,” Jessica said. “However, nobody emerged from the entrance over the past few days, so I can’t tell if the secret realm has been abandoned or if there’s another exit.”

“Come. Show me. Kai leaped to his feet as he was really eager to take a look. “It’s the middle of the night, Kai. We’ll go tomorrow. Besides, the secret realm is not going anywhere. If it really is Evil Heart Sect, we should make careful plans instead of proceeding hastily.”

Flaxseed knew Kai was anxious to rescue the hostage but there was they could act recklessly! Kai nodded. He also realized he was being rash. After speaking with Jessica a little longer, Kai left. After their time apart, I guess Flaxseed will not be sleeping the whole night.


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