The Mans Decree Chapter 2057

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2057
A Man Like None Other Novel
Upon leaving Flaxseed’s place, Kai was planning to return to Deragon Sect when he bumped into Xavier just after taking a few steps. “Captain Jennings, how’s your injury?” Kai asked when he saw it was Xavier.

“I’ve recovered for a while now and even become stronger than before,” Xavier replied, waving his fists. “What brings you here this late?” Kai inquired.

“I’m here to look for you, of course. Mr. Sanders found out you’re back and has specially prepared a banquet to treat you to a meal. Let me tell you. You’re the first person to ever receive a private dinner invitation from Mr. Sanders. He’s overjoyed this time. You have no idea how worried he was when he heard you secretly went to Jetroina to seek revenge. After that, he even deployed the secret agent he planted there for many years to assist you,” Xavier whispered to Kai.

“Mr. Sanders deployed a secret agent? Who is that?” Kai fell into a momentary daze before furrowing his brows the next second. I don’t remember receiving any help from anyone when I was in Jetroina. At that moment, he suddenly thought of one person. Fandor!

Although Fandor was Flaxseed’s close friend, Kai had always felt that Fandor was particularly attentive toward him from the very beginning, including the time Fandor first introduced the situation in Jetroina to him and the subsequent action of forcing Ryosuke to hand over the snow lotus.

Afterward, Fandor even gave the snow lotus to Kai. It was worth noting that Kai’s encounter with Fandor was purely coincidental. While Fandor claimed to be repaying Kai for buying alcohol, no one would offer something so valuable in return.

Kai managed to achieve a breakthrough thanks to that snow lotus. Furthermore, when Kai fought Kawasaki, Fandor managed to obtain information about Kawasaki too.

Kawasaki wasn’t just an average Joe, so how could his confidential information be so easily acquired? In addition, when Flaxseed invited Fandor to return to the country, the latter declined and was unwilling to come back.

Judging by those signs, Kai suddenly felt that Fandor might very well be the secret agent Arthur had deployed. Otherwise, based solely on the relationship between Fandor and Flaxseed, there wasn’t a need for Fandor to help Kai to that extent.

“I don’t know the identity of these secret agents. If you wish to know, you should ask Mr. Sanders in person.” With that, Xavier turned around and walked ahead. Kai followed closely behind him..

At the same time, Jadeborough’s Department of Justice was brightly lit. A lavish dinner was laid out in the main hall. Arthur, giving off a gentlemanly vibe, sat quietly at the head of the table.

After Kai entered the hall, Arthur flashed a faint smile. “Have a seat.” Kai nodded and sat opposite Arthur. Arthur riveted his eyes on Kai, making the latter feel somewhat uneasy.

“Your talent and courage have truly exceeded my expectations. The recent drastic growth of your capabilities has been swift beyond my imagination. Not to mention, you were sufficiently audacious to venture into Jetroina alone, becoming the entire nation’s Deity and barging into the Imperial Palace at night. I find it increasingly difficult to understand and keep up with you now,” Arthur uttered slowly.

“I didn’t plan for all that to happen initially. However, after getting my revenge, those people at Jetroina were unwilling to let me go, so I had no choice but to entertain them for a few more days,” Kai replied with a wry smile.

“Hahaha! Look at you trying to act innocent after receiving all the perks. All right. Let’s have our meal now. I’ve prepared some fine wine for you today.”

Arthur gently waved his hand as he spoke, sending the wine glass before him flying toward Kai. Kai stretched out his hand and caught the glass. The next instant, he felt numbness spread in his arm, almost causing him to drop the wine glass.

Kai stared at Arthur in shock. I’m now a Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint with actual strength comparable to a Top Level Martial Arts Saint. I certainly didn’t expect catching a wine glass casually tossed by Mr. Sanders would cause my arm to go numb!


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