The Mans Decree Chapter 2058

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2058
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Pour yourself some wine,” Arthur said. Snapping out of his shock, Kai poured himself a glass of wine. Then, the two began to drink and chat. “Does it feel exhilarating to have destroyed Jetroina’s shrines and become the Deity their citizens worship?” Arthur asked. Kai merely nodded in silence.

In fact, he did feel elated, and his confidence was soaring at that moment. He felt that he could annihilate the entire Evil Heart Sect with his current abilities.

Taking in Kai’s demeanor, Arthur smiled faintly. “However, I must tell you this. Even if you can dominate the entire martial arts world now, this is not an impressive feat at all because members of the martial arts world have never been taken seriously. There are countless experts in the secret realms. Even the force backing Warriors Alliance is not as weak as you think. You still have a very long journey ahead of you.”

Arthur’s expression grew more solemn as he spoke. Kai gazed at Arthur. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he had never really known Arthur, even after they’d become acquainted for so long.

Kai was also clueless about Arthur’s true strength. “Mr. Sanders, do you know about Ethereal Realm?” Kai suddenly recalled Ethereal Realm that Baal had mentioned to him. He didn’t have the slightest idea what Ethereal Realm was.

“Who told you about Ethereal Realm?” Arthur asked with a frown. Kai recounted everything that happened on Encanta Island to Arthur. The latter’s expression visibly relaxed after he learned it was Baal who had spoken to Kai about Ethereal Realm.

“Since you want to know, I’ll tell you. In the vast expanse of space and time, there are countless worlds. However, they cannot be perceived because they exist in different dimensions. Just like the secret realms you’ve discovered, although they exist in the same space-time, not many people are aware of their existence. Ethereal Realm is also a world, just not in the same dimension as the current world we live in. When your capabilities are enhanced to accomplish space-time travel, you’ll be able to visit the other worlds freely,” Arthur explained.

Kai gazed at Arthur in bewilderment. He couldn’t understand how the latter knew all that. After the meal, Kai left the Department of Justice with complicated emotions churning within him.

Initially, having absorbed the abilities of so many Martial Arts Saints at Jetroina and reaching the level of a Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint made Kai somewhat full of himself since he had become an invincible being in the entire martial arts world. Hence, the first thing he wanted to do upon returning to the country was to obliterate Evil Heart Sect.

However, after listening to Arthur’s words and experiencing the numbness in his arm from Arthur’s casual flick of the wine glass, Kai realized that his skills were far from enough to render him peerless.

That night, Kai thought a lot and found. Arthur’s identity increasingly mysterious. The next day, Flaxseed and Jessica came looking for Kai.

The trio went to the former site of Jadeborough’s Warriors Alliance, which had now become Deragon Sect’s territory. There were even Deragon Sect’s martial trainees guarding the entrance. Seeing Kai’s advent, the martial trainees stood straight and shouted, “Greetings, Mr. Chance!”

Kai bobbed his head slightly in acknowledgment before walking in. “ Kai,” Godrick hurriedly greeted Kai when he saw the latter had arrived. “How has it been? Has there been any trouble here lately?” Kai asked.

“No. After Ms. Zimmerman instructed me to increase the manpower, I’ve been personally keeping an eye on things and didn’t discover anything unusual,” Godrick answered. “Okay. Take us there to have a look,” Kai uttered.


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