The Mans Decree Chapter 2059

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2059
A Man Like None Other Novel
Godrick led Kai and the others to the backyard, where the Warriors Alliance’s dungeon once stood. However, after the destruction of the Warriors Alliance by Kai, the dungeon was no more.

Kai glanced at Jessica, who slowly raised her arms as if sensing something. Soon, her hands stopped mid-air, and a glow began emanating from them.

“Ms. Zimmerman, is this the entrance to the secret realm?” Kai asked when he noticed that she had stopped moving. Jessica nodded. “Yes, the entrance is here, and I’m certain it belongs to the Evil Heart Sect because the aura at the entrance is very similar to our Demon Sect!”

Kai’s excitement was palpable as he said, “Then let’s open it quickly.” The light in Jessica’s hands grew brighter, and she began to mumble what seemed to be an incantation.

A black hole manifested out of the void and gradually expanded in size. Unable to contain his excitement, Kai leaped toward the black hole. Buzz…

However, just as he was about to pass through it, a massive force struck his body, and he bounced back. Kai looked at Jessica in bewilderment, and she frowned as she explained, “Although the Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm is similar to ours, they’ve added an extra spell, like an extra lock on a door. I can unlock one lock, but I can’t open the additional one.”

Kai furrowed his brows in response. Evidently, the Evil Heart Sect had prepared for their arrival, anticipating Kai’s attempt to access their secret realm using his connection to Demon Sect. They had added an extra spell to the entrance as a precaution.

With the secret realm tantalizingly close and the fact that Josephine was right inside, Kai could no longer contain his rage. His aura surged, and his fists shone with a golden light.

“ Kai,” Flaxseed called out worriedly. However, Kai’s eyes had already turned blood-red. “Break!” he roared, striking the entrance of the secret realm with a powerful blow.

The punch shattered the void, creating a thunderous rumble that echoed throughout Jadeborough. His strike could have leveled a mountain, but strangely, it left no trace on the black hole. The mighty force of his punch vanished instantly as if swallowed by the black hole.

Unfazed, Kai launched another more potent attack. After a dozen more punches, he was already covered in sweat, but the entrance of the secret realm remained unchanged. Gasping for breath, Kai stared helplessly at the entrance of the secret realm.

“Mr. Chance, it’s no use. No matter how much force you use, you can’t break the entrance of the secret realm. It’s not a physical object but a space-time rift. Your power can’t do any damage at all,” Jessica advised.

“What should I do, then? What can I do? Am I to stand idly by while Josephine suffers inside?” Kai despaired. Even with his newfound strength as a Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint, he was powerless against the entrance of the secret realm.

The devastating realization had shattered his confidence. “Mr. Chance, there is a way to open the secret realm, but…” Jessica trailed off mid-sentence.


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