The Mans Decree Chapter 2060

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2060
A Man Like None Other Novel
“What should we do? Just tell me. It doesn’t matter what it takes as long as I can enter the secret realm and save Josephine,” Kai said anxiously.

“I know there is a clan known as Crafting Clan on Baylor Mountain, and within it, there is a Divine Scroll. It’s said that this Divine Scroll can open the entrance to any secret realm, but this Divine Scroll is the treasure of the clan, and they won’t lend it to others easily. However, the head of the clan enjoys collecting various magical items. If one happens to possess something he likes, he may lend the Divine Scroll!” Jessica said. “Crafting Clan? Divine Scroll?” Kai frowned slightly. “How come I’ve never heard of them?”

Although Kai had not been in the martial arts world for long, as his strength and fame. increased, he became more knowledgeable about many sects and clans in the martial arts world. He was now aware of some families representing the secret realms, but he had never heard of the clan known as Crafting Clan.

“Mr. Chance, you may not know that although Crafting Clan is in the mundane world, it rarely interacts with the martial arts families in the mundane world. Instead, the families they deal with are all from various secret realms! Since Crafting Clan can refine magical items and possesses the Divine Scroll, many families from secret realms have dealt with the clan,” Jessica said to Kai.

Kai finally understood and asked, “Where on Baylor Mountain is this Crafting Clan? I’ll go find it now.” Jessica shook her head and replied, “I’m not sure about the exact location. I only heard about it when I was in Demon Sect.”

Kai was acquainted with Baylor Mountain, but its vast expanse stretched hundreds of miles. Where, among such a landscape, should he search for the enigmatic Crafting Clan?

Furthermore, the clan’s scarce connection to martial arts families in the mundane world meant that he might not glean any useful information even if he inquired elsewhere.

On the other hand, venturing to Demon Sect to seek answers would consume far too much precious time. As Kai found himself lost in indecision, an epiphany struck him like a bolt of lightning- Arthur Sanders!

Surely, if Arthur was knowledgeable about. Ethereal Realm, he might hold the key to the mysteries of Crafting Clan. With this revelation, Kai pivoted on his heel and strode purposefully outward, his mind set on consulting Arthur..

“ Kai, where are you going?” Flaxseed, witnessing the scene, couldn’t help but ask. However, Kai had already vanished into the distance, his intentions unknown, leaving only his faint voice uttering, “Guard this entrance to the secret realm with vigilance. I must pursue him…”

Flaxseed knew that rage was burning within Kai like a roaring inferno, and he feared that his friend might succumb to recklessness, so he hastened after him. When Flaxseed trailed Kai to the Department of Justice, he was dumbstruck.

He couldn’t fathom Kai’s reason for coming here. “ Kai, what brings you to this place? Do you truly expect the authorities to assist you in finding this so-called Crafting Clan?”

Flaxseed went forward and stopped Kai. “Yes, I must consult Mr. Sanders.” Kai nodded resolutely. Flaxseed’s eyes widened in alarm. “ Kai, have you lost your mind? You know that one must be summoned in order to see Mr. Sanders. Who dares to disturb him without such an invitation? I advise you not to provoke the man. Although he has been kind to you, you must know your limits!”

Flaxseed’s expression darkened as he learned of Kai’s intentions. “Rest assured there will be no trouble. Mr. Sanders would never treat me unkindly,” Kai declared confidently.

However, Flaxseed’s grip on Kai tightened, preventing him from proceeding further. At that moment, Xavier emerged from within, his gaze falling upon Kai and Flaxseed. He was slightly taken aback. “ Kai, you are indeed here at the entrance. Mr. Sanders instructed me just now to come out and invite you in…”

Xavier’s words left Kai momentarily stunned as well, for it clearly indicated that Arthur was already aware of his arrival.


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