The Mans Decree Chapter 2064

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2064
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Mr. Yandle,” Sherman called out softly. The elderly man’s eyes shot wide open almost at once. “My boy Sherman, is there another magical item you don’t understand?”

Once Morgan saw that it was Sherman, he sat up and let out a yawn. “You’re right, Mr. Yandle. Someone gifted an obscure magical item that I need your help authenticating.”

Sherman revealed the calabash. Morgan Yandle was the resident magical item appraiser of Crafting Clan who could identify the level of most magical items he’d been asked to ascertain. With his exceptional skill, even Pascal revered him deeply. That was why Sherman addressed him courteously as well.

Morgan took hold of the little calabash and played with it. Suddenly, a look of surprise flashed across his face. Sherman was surprised by Morgan’s expression. He asked hastily, “Mr. Yandle, is this genuinely a magical item?” “Indeed. This is a high-grade magical item.”

Morgan was visibly overcome with emotion as he took the mallet next to him and hit the calabash lightly. He began mumbling an incantation, causing the seemingly old and plain calabash to sparkle with a purple luminescence.

The purple rays shot straight toward the sky and lit up the entire room. Sherman gazed at the piercing beams of light with his mouth agape. The light gradually faded as Morgan finished his incantation.

At that moment, the tattered old calabash transformed into a glowing entity that radiated a powerful aura. “M-Mr. Yandle, what magical item is this?” Sherman stuttered in astonishment..

“This is the Golden Calabash. It contains the energy of heaven and earth. I heard that it used to belong to the demonic realm. It’s peculiar how you managed to get hold of it.”

Morgan was perplexed. “Mr. Yandle, this was sent over by a member of Evil Heart Sect,” Sherman said. “I see.” Morgan inclined his head. “They must have a favor to ask since they’ve presented us

with such a priceless magical item. Now that your father is refining his magical items in isolation, you have to be prudent in your decision-making and think twice before making any promises.”

Morgan knew that there was always a price to pay for everything. Evil Heart Sect must need something from Crafting Clan in exchange for such a fine magical item. Morgan thought it vital to point this out to Sherman, who was still young and inexperienced. “Fret not, Mr. Yandle. I know what to do!”

Sherman nodded and departed with the calabash. He began injecting his martial energy into the calabash as soon as he stepped out of the room. A terrific burst of light emitted from within it, and an overpowering aura began. expanding everywhere, causing the ground to tremble.

The clashing of auras between that of the calabash and the magical items protecting Crafting Clan had given rise to the tremors. It was only when Sherman swiftly withdrew his martial energy that the horrifying aura began to dissipate. “What formidable strength! It was a close call for the magical items of Crafting Clan!”

Sherman’s eyes were full of flaming passion as he stared at the calabash he was holding. Skylar was still waiting for him anxiously when he returned. “Mr. Sherman, how is it?” He got to his feet at the sight of him.

“Mr. Norton, this calabash from Evil Heart Sect is rather impressive, but I understand how reciprocity works in this world. What does your sect want from us?” Sherman cut to the chase.

Skylar no longer beat around the bush at Sherman’s straightforwardness. “Mr. Norton, we hope that after gifting you this magical item, you’ll help us capture someone!” “Who exactly might that be?”

“It’s Kai Chance. He tried trespassing into the secret realm of Evil Heart Sect but couldn’t access its entrance. He will most likely try his luck at your Divine Scroll! Mr. Malphas hopes that you won’t lend him the Divine Scroll and apprehend him on our behalf,” Skylar said.


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