The Mans Decree Chapter 2065

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2065
A Man Like None Other Novel
“ Kai Chance?” Sherman considered shortly before his eyes lit up in recognition. “I might have heard of him. Isn’t he the ridiculously proud brat in the martial arts world who supposedly destroyed the Jadeborough Warriors Alliance?”

Sherman knew little of Kai as Crafting Clan rarely associated themselves with the martial arts world. He did not know that Evil Heart Sect supported the Jadeborough Warriors Alliance.

He was flabbergasted upon hearing of Kai’s brutality. “That’s right. He has some grudges against us from Evil Heart Sect. We hope that Crafting Clan would assist us in seizing him.” Skylar nodded.

“You need not worry. After all, we won’t simply loan the Divine Scroll to anyone who asks for it. I don’t mind lending a helping hand in capturing Kai. However, my only demand is that this remains strictly confidential. I don’t want to be involved in your conflict over the secret realm, as our clan doesn’t want to risk ruining our business.”

Crafting Clan was able to exist in relative stability thanks to the fact that they’d never picked sides in any battle and only supplied refining weapons. They also possessed the Divine Scroll, at magical item that made every secret realm think twice before attacking them.

The Divine Scroll could unlock all of the portals in the secret realm. As such, no one dared antagonize Crafting Clan. Crafting Clan would suffer an irrecoverable loss if they were to forfeit the Divine Scroll to a secret realm that was up against them.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Sherman. Both of us would be the only ones privy to this matter. Kai wouldn’t even live to speak another word,” Skylar assured Sherman.

Sherman’s lips quirked up. “That would be for the best. I agree to your request, then!” Skylar was thrilled. There was no way for Kai to escape if he ever visited Crafting Clan..

Right then, a member of Crafting Clan approached them and informed Sherman, “Mr. Sherman, there are two others outside waiting to see you.”

“I’ve had enough! What’s with the swarm of people interested in surveying magical items all of a sudden as of late?” Sherman was displeased. “Who are they? Get them to leave if they aren’t anyone of significance. I’m too busy at the moment.” “Mr. Sherman, he claims to go by the name Kai Chance.”

Sherman and Skylar were stupefied. Speak of the devil! “Bring then in now!” Sherman ordered. While the member of Crafting Clan went on his way to receive Kai and his companion, Sherman asked Skylar to hide.

Kai and Flaxseed admired the majestic entrance of Crafting Clan, both sides of which stood two sculptures of a dragon and tiger. “Crafting Clan sure is free-handed in using two magical items to guard the main entrance.”

Flaxseed was utterly impressed as his eyes roved over the sculptures. The member of Crafting Clan ushered them in.. “Welcome.” Kai trailed behind Flaxseed as they entered.

They were awed by the scene before them. when they reached a corner of the main hall. Every magical item imaginable was arranged around them. Flaxseed was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of magical items presented there.

Kai scanned past them and discovered very few high-grade magical items amidst the cluster of ordinary ones. “Are both of you looking to purchase magical items?” Sherman asked, sauntering over.

“No. We were thinking of borrowing something from Mr. Schneider,” Kai replied politely. “And you are?” “Sherman Schneider. Mr. Schneider is my father,” Sherman introduced himself.


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