The Mans Decree Chapter 2067

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2067
A Man Like None Other Novel
Flaxseed stopped talking and began to follow closely behind Kai. Sherman took Kai and the others into a dimly-lit secret room. The moment they stepped into the secret room, both Kai and Flaxseed felt the suppressive power of the room.

They were taken aback and stopped walking forward. Sherman quickly explained to them, “Please don’t worry. The Divine Scroll is too precious, so my father keeps it in this secret room. On top of that, he has also placed a talisman in there to suppress the power of anyone who enters the secret room. Doing so will prevent the Divine Scroll from being taken away by force. Once you leave this secret room, the suppressive feeling will be gone. It will not affect your body in any way. Please relax.”

After hearing Sherman’s assurance, Kai and Flaxseed continued walking toward the secret room. However, the door behind them closed all of a sudden!

Kai frowned and looked at Sherman who was in front of them. Unfortunately, Sherman had walked out using another exit. Just as Kai and Flaxseed wanted to leave, that door shut tightly as well!

Now, Kai and Flaxseed were trapped in the secret room, and Divine Scroll was nowhere to be found. Creak…

An ear-piercing sound could be heard. Before they knew it, the dark room became brighter, and the surrounding became clearer. Sherman was smiling coldly at them.

“What are you trying to do?” asked Kai as he eyed Sherman coldly. “Nothing, but someone has asked me to hold you captive. That’s all…” replied Sherman with an icy smile.

“Did Skylar put you up to this?” asked Kai calmly. Sherman was slightly taken aback. “How do you know that?” “Not only do I know that, but I also know that he’s here!”

With that, Kai looked behind Sherman. “Skylar, show yourself! You want to take revenge, yet you dare not show yourself in front of me. After all, you’re the oldest son of the Norton family and used to be an outstanding talent in the martial arts world of Jadeborough. Why have you become so cowardly now?”

Just as Kai finished talking, Skylar walked out and glared at him. “ Kai, I have to thank. you. If you haven’t forced me to this extent, I wouldn’t have become so powerful. I will never know that I have a unique physique! If Mr. Malphas doesn’t want your physical body, why will I waste so much effort in capturing you? I would have slaughtered you instead.”

Although Kai was being held captive in the secret room, there was no sign of fear or panic on his face. Instead, he smiled and said, “Do you think you are actually able to hold me captive just like this?”

That stupefied Skylar, and he looked at Sherman. “No one can escape once they have been locked in this secret room. The suppressive power within will turn you into a normal person. How do you intend to escape?” asked Sherman.

He said those words to pacify Skylar and put him at ease. There was no way Kai could escape. “No one has ever escaped from here?” sneered Kai. “You think too highly of your secret room…”

“What? Are you saying you can escape from this secret room?” Sherman walked up and provoked Kai. Kai did not respond. Instead, he was going to reply using his actions. When Kai clenched his fists, golden rays of light shone forth. Next, he punched the wall!

Boom! With the loud booming sound, a terrifying spiritual energy brought the walls of the secret room down. The residual energy was equally powerful. A gust of strong wind blew at Sherman, and he fell backward!

The structure of the secret room was not strong at all. Everyone who entered the secret room would be suppressed. As such, they would not be able to open the secret room and get out.


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