The Mans Decree Chapter 2069

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2069
A Man Like None Other Novel
Even though Flaxseed and Sherman had stepped back, they could still feel the power of the aftershock. As they desperately braced themselves, the buildings around them bore the brunt of the force.

Once the gale had stopped and the dust settled, the devastation wreaked upon the garden was reminiscent of a raging hurricane. Kai remained where he was, showing no change in emotion at all.

The only difference was in the growing contempt in his eyes. Sherman was heartbroken to see the devastation in the courtyard. The place was, after all, owned by his family. If his father were to see it upon emerging from his seclusion, het would likely have him crippled.

That said, Sherman was astonished at how unfazed Kai was. Skylar’s eyes, too, widened in shock as all color drained from his face. “T-This is impossible!”

The sight of the unharmed Kai filled him with disbelief. All this while, he had been cultivating hard and increasing his strength continuously with the sole goal of killing Kai one day.

Now that he wielded the power of a Martial Arts Saint and possessed Inferno Devil’s Form, he assumed that he could easily end Kai’s life. Little did he expect the opposite to happen.

Why can’t I land a scratch on Kai despite attacking with the strongest power within the martial arts world? Skylar just couldn’t fathom the reason.

“Why is it impossible? Do you really think that a Martial Arts Saint is the most powerful level within the martial arts world? I can’t believe how naive you are. I have killed many Martial Arts Gods before, let alone a Martial Arts Saint like you,” Kai sneered.

The reason why he didn’t move and gave Skylar a free hand to beat him was just to destroy the latter psychologically. Kai felt it necessary to do so given Skylar’s insatiable ambition and relentless scheme. Just as expected, Skylar was dumbfounded by Kai’s words.

“M-Martial Arts God?” he mumbled. As far as he knew, there was no such thing as a Martial Arts God. A Martial Arts Saint was supposed to stand at the pinnacle of the martial arts world, not to mention how few of them there were.

After I have gone through hellish training to achieve the level of Martial Arts Saint, you’re now telling me that something more powerful exists in the form of a Martial Arts God?

Skylar was crushed by the revelation. “Do you want to have a taste of the power of a Martial Arts God? Let me open your eyes.” No sooner had he finished than Kai gave Skylar a slap..

Slap! The moment a crisp sound rang out, Skylar felt his body grow lighter while his head began to spin. Before he knew it, he was flying through the air at breakneck speed and could feel an intense airflow blowing across his skin.

Flaxseed’s and Sherman’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when a single black dot was all they could see of Skylar. Kai’s slap had sent him airborne, causing everyone else to wonder if he had been thrown into outer space. An indeterminate time passed before Skylar’s body finally crashed to the ground.

Boom! A thundering rumble was heard from afar as the impact threw a mushroom cloud of dust into the air. Filled with disbelief, Sherman gulped nervously.

By the time Skylar crawled out of the ground, half his face was already contorted, making for a horrifying sight. The look he gave Kai was one that was brimming with fear, a result the latter sought to achieve.

Don’t believe him! He’s not this so-called Martial Arts God. Don’t forget about your Inferno Devil’s Form, the spirit within Skylar reminded upon sensing his fear.

“You’re right. I have the Inferno Devil’s Form. There’s no reason for me to fear him… Argh…” Skylar suddenly roared. His body started to glow as it underwent a transformation. Very quickly, a burning inferno was ignited around him, raising the temperature of the Crafting Clan building.


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