The Mans Decree Chapter 2071

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2071
A Man Like None Other Novel
Sherman fled to Morgan’s room, for the latter was the only one who could save him. As he watched the members of Crafting Clan charge at him, Kai had no intention of showing any mercy.

Given that Sherman had allied with Skylar to go against him, everyone at Crafting Clan was naturally his enemy, and mercy was something his enemies didn’t deserve. A single wave of Kai’s hand ignited a golden flash that blasted a Greater Martial Arts Marquis back.

The rest of the attackers kept their distance while activating their magical items which emitted a blistering glow and struck Kai with waves of magical attacks.

As Crafting Clan was famous for crafting magical items, the weapons held by their members were naturally a cut above the rest. Nonetheless, despite the sheer volume of the attacks, Kai was unfazed by them.

The effects of the magical items were futile in the face of overwhelming power. In his counterattack, Kai pushed both of hist palms forward, unleashing an aura that engulfed the building. Every palm strike could kill a member of Crafting Clan, and Kai fired them out indiscriminately.

Soon, the magical items were shattered into pieces by the vibration of Kai’s aura. Their wielders were vomiting blood from the grievous injuries suffered. Some had their chests crushed, while others had all their bones fractured. It was clear that not a single one of them was going to survive.

Within a few short minutes, more than ten attackers had turned into corpses that lay on the ground. The sight filled Skylar, who was watching nearby, with complicated emotions.

Without sparing the dead members of Crafting Clan a glance, Kai continued his pursuit of Sherman, Shortly after, he caught up with the latter by tracking the aura he emitted.

Sherman was dumbfounded the moment he realized Kai was coming from behind. How can he catch up so quickly with more than ten members of Crafting Clan standing in his way?

“Help me, Mr. Yandle! Help me!” Sherman screamed. Morgan quickly emerged from his room and asked the panicking Sherman, “What’s wrong, Mr. Sherman?” “Mr. Yandle, Kai is trying to kill me. You have to save me, please…”

The terrified Sherman hid behind Morgan, who turned to face Kai with a frown. “Why have you trespassed on Crafting Clan and beat up our men?” When Kai threw Morgan a glance, he noticed that the latter was a beginner-phase Greater

Martial Arts Marquis, weaker than some of the Crafting Clan members earlier. He couldn’t figure out why Sherman had sought his help. Evidently, Morgan was no match for him at all.

“I just came here to borrow the Divine Scroll and didn’t expect Sherman to work with others to set me up. Unfortunately for him, I’m a vengeful person,” Kai asserted in a frosty tone.

“Borrow the Divine Scroll?” Morgan burst into laughter upon hearing Kai’s reply. “Do you think anyone can just walk in here and borrow it? Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror first?”

Morgan’s face darkened, and his body trembled abruptly. Out of his sleeves flew multiple reels. of long metal chains with serrated tips, making them look like pythons baring their fangs.

Kai quickly understood that though Morgan wasn’t powerful, he was an expert in magical items. “Since you refuse to lend it to me, I have no choice but to take it by force.”

With that, Kai disappeared in a flash as he lunged at Sherman. As long as he could capture Sherman, Kai was confident that Crafting Clan would hand over the Divine Scroll.

In response, Morgan shot out his chains, forming a huge net to capture Kai. “Hmph, what a fool,” Kai sneered when faced with the python-like chains.

There was no way magical items could make up for the huge gap in power between the two of them. With both his glowing hands, Kai grabbed the chains and began to pull them apart.


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