The Mans Decree Chapter 2077

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2076
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Don’t give up, Kai. This is not the end for us. When Mr. Schneider is finally done, I’ll go to Crafting Clan with you to get the Divine Scroll!”

Flaxseed patted Kai’s shoulder when he saw how worried Kai was. “Mr. Flaxseed, don’t worry. I’m not giving up so easily.” Kai forced a smile.

Over the next few days, Kai stayed at Deragon Sect and started planning in his mind. Now, only the Divine Scroll can help me open Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm. That day, Godrick entered the room when Kai was busy cultivating.

“ Kai, Mr. Gunderson is here,” Godrick said. “Invite him in.” Kai rose to his feet instantly. I haven’t contacted the Gunderson family recently, so Fernando must be here because something has happened.

“Mr. Chance,” Fernando greeted respectfully. “Do you need something from me, Mr. Gunderson?” Kai asked. “Mr. Chance, Great Elder is looking for you. He said he has something to talk to you about,” Fernando replied.

“Sure! Let’s go.” Kai nodded. As Kai was walking toward the Gunderson family estate with Fernando, Kai asked, “Mr. Gunderson, did Great Elder not tell you what this is about?”

Fernando shook his head. “No, but Great Elder didn’t look good, and the atmosphere in the secret realm has become rather tense recently.”

They both arrived in front of the entrance of the secret realm. Fernando chanted something and waved his hand in the air. Right away, a door appeared. The door then vanished after Kai and Fernando walked through it.

Upon arriving at the Gunderson family estate, Kai sensed that nothing had changed apart from the presence of a murderous aura in the air. The guards at the entrance opened the doors and bowed respectfully when they saw Kai. In the main hall, when Chester saw Kai, he dropped to his knees, “Greetings, My Lord.”

“You don’t have to do this, Great Elder. Also, please stop addressing me that way. I would like to keep a low profile.” Although Kai was the overlord of Dragon Sect, he still felt uneasy being addressed so.

“Evangeline, hurry up and express your gratitude!” Chester yelled. Very soon, Evangeline walked up to Kai and bowed deeply. “Thank you, Mr. Chance.” Kai nodded slightly in response. He was glad when he saw that Evangeline had recovered completely.

“I shouldn’t take credit, to be honest. If not for Mr. Baal, Ms. Gunderson wouldn’t have recovered!” Kai felt he didn’t deserve the gratitude shown. After all, he didn’t play any role in Evangeline’s recovery…

“Mr. Chance, Fernando has told me about what happened on Encanta Island. If not for you, Mr. Chance, Baal wouldn’t have helped!” Chester uttered gratefully.

“May I know why you asked to see me, Great Elder?” Kai cut to the chase without wasting another second. I’m very busy now. In a few days’ time, I’m going to visit Crafting Clan!

Upon hearing that, Chester scanned his surroundings and said, “Fernando, Evangeline, give Mr. Chance and me some privacy. We need to discuss something.”

Fernando and Evangeline left, so Kai and Chester were the only ones left in the main hall. “Mr. Chance, did you sense the changes in the secret realm when you arrived just now?” Chester asked.

“I did. Although the environment stays the same, there’s a murderous aura in the air!” Kai nodded. Chester sighed heavily. “Chaos is upon us. The Eight Major Secret Realms are in utter chaos! Initially, all the sects and prestigious families of the Eight Major Secret Realms lived in peace because everyone knew things would only turn chaotic during the restoration of spiritual energy. All the sects and prestigious families. were conserving their energy and avoiding getting into fights.

However, the restoration of spiritual energy failed on Encanta Island. No one knows when the next spiritual energy restoration will happen. Many sects and prestigious families ran out of patience and started fighting for resources in the secret realms. Within a few days, quite a few sects. and prestigious families have disappeared from the Gate of Fire due to such fights!”


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