The Mans Decree Chapter 2078

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2077
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Did the Gunderson family suffer any losses?” Kai asked concernedly. “Not at the moment. We’re in an alliance with The Adamantine, so no one has come after us yet. However, I don’t think we’ll be safe for long. The Secret Realm Conference that was canceled years ago is happening next month. By then, many people will definitely die because of resource allocation and conflicts of interest, and the battles between the major secret realms will happen again.” Chester shook his head.

Kai furrowed his brows when he heard that. / stopped the restoration of spiritual energy to stop the suffering in the mundane world. Who would’ve known that would bring chaos to the heavenly realm in the secret realms?

“What is the Secret Realm Conference for, Great Elder?” Kai asked in a confused tone. “Many years ago, the Secret Realm Conferences were held annually, and the Eight Major Secret Realms would each send out a representative to attend the conference. The aim is to let everyone compete and distribute resources from other secret realms.

The winning secret realm will then take the resources they desired from the losing secret realm. Conferences were then terminated when. rumors of the restoration of spiritual energy surfaced. All the sects and prestigious families decided to conserve their energy and waited for the spiritual energy restoration to happen. Yet, that ended up not happening, so a Secret Realm Conference will be held again,” Chester explained.

“Where will the Secret Realm Conference be held? After all, the secret realm that’s organizing the Secret Realm Conference will have an advantage.”

“The venue isn’t in the Eight Major Secret Realms. The conference will be held in an ownerless secret realm. That secret realm isn’t rich in resources, so no one wants to conquer it. That secret realm is a fair playing field for all the other secret realms, Chester answered.

“Why did you look for me, Great Elder? What do you want me to do?” Kai was perplexed. With my capability, I’m not qualified to join such a competitive conference! Although I dominate the mundane world, I’m nothing in the secret realms! After all, the secret realms have Martial Arts Saints in abundance. The Gunderson family alone has plenty of Martial Arts Saints!

Indeed, Evangeline, who was only in her twenties, was already a Martial Arts Saint. “Mr. Chance, I asked to see you because I want you to join the-”

Before Chester could finish his sentence, Kai waved his hand dismissively and said, “Forget about it. You’re joking, right? With my capability, I’m only going to embarrass myself at the Secret Realm Conference.”

“Mr. Chance, I’m not asking you to compete. I just want you to familiarize yourself with the Eight Major Secret Realms. More importantly, quite a few families in the Eight Major Secret Realms are colluding with Evil Heart Sect. Now that there isn’t a spiritual energy restoration, these families want to take over the mundane world by taking advantage of the fact that the Evil Heart Sect isn’t restricted by the laws of nature. Furthermore, I also heard that they’re looking for something that can induce the restoration of spiritual energy,” Chester said.

“Induce the restoration of spiritual energy?” Kai was flabbergasted. Well, it seems that Evil Heart Sect is really stronger than I have imagined. If the families in the secret realms join forces with Evil Heart Sect, it’ll be even harder for me to take them down!

“Great Elder, when will the Secret Realm Conference be held? I need to arrange my schedule!” Kai asked. “The fifteenth of next month,” Chester responded.

“Okay. I’ll check out the people from the Eight Major Secret Realms by then!” Kai nodded firmly. I need to attend the conference to broaden my horizons. Otherwise, I’m going to end up being an ignorant fool if I keep staying in the mundane world!

After leaving the Gunderson family estate, Kai started planning his schedule. I must rescue Josephine before the Secret Realm Conference! The most pressing matter now is to get my hands on the Divine Scroll.

“Let’s just hope that Mr. Schneider is a reasonable man.” Kai sighed softly while holding the calligraphy brush Arthur had given to him. I hope I won’t run into trouble again when I go to Crafting Clan to obtain the Divine Scroll.


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