The Mans Decree Chapter 2080

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2080
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Mr. Schneider has returned, and he told us to welcome both of you,” one of the members of Crafting Clan said. Soon, Kai and Flaxseed were led into ant enormous room that was obviously not the room Kai met Sherman in.

The room was bigger, and it had a lot more magical items inside. At a glance, one could tell those magical items were even better than the ones Kai had seen the last time.

“Since you’re here, please have a seat,” Pascal said as he emerged from the back of the room. “Are you Mr. Schneider, the person in charge of Crafting Clan?” Kai asked Pascal flatly.

“That’s right. I’m Pascal Schneider. My son told me that you had been looking for me. Since it was Mr. Sanders who told you to come, I have to treat you with respect.” With that, Pascal instructed his subordinates to serve Kai and Flaxseed drinks.

Kai and Flaxseed breathed a sigh of relief inwardly when they saw how courteous Pascal was. We thought he would be angry at us because we trashed Crafting Clan the last time we visited. If that were the case, we would have trouble trying to borrow the Divine Scroll from him. Judging by the current situation, however, it seems that he isn’t mad at us at all!

“Mr. Schneider, we have something important to attend to, so we’re in a rush to return with the Divine Scroll. I would be very grateful if you could lend us the Divine Scroll,” Kai uttered. politely.

“That’s not a problem. However, did Mr. Sanders ask you to bring me something?” Pascal asked. “Yes!” Kai nodded instantly before taking out the calligraphy brush and delivering it to Pascal.

“Many years ago, Mr. Sanders did me a favor, and now he entrusts his brush with me. I must show him respect, so I’m lending the Divine Scroll to you.”

Pascal whipped out a palm-sized token from his waist. That token looked old and rusty, and one could definitely not tell what was special about it. “Thank you very much, Mr. Schneider.” Kai reached out to take the Divine Scroll.

Right then, Sherman barged in and asked in at puzzled tone, “Dad, are you really lending the Divine Scroll to them? You promised me otherwise. That fellow hit Mr. Yandle and me. He even killed quite a few of our men. He’s the reason Crafting Clan is in a mess right now. How could you still lend the Divine Scroll to him?”

After Sherman was done shouting, Pascal glared at him and fumed, “Shut up! You have no right to speak!” Sherman zipped his mouth when he realized how angry his father was. At that point, all he could do was give Kai a death stare.

Kai wanted to explain himself because he didn’t want to risk not being able to borrow the Divine Scroll. “Mr. Pascal, it’s a misunderstanding. If not for what your son did Before Kai could finish his words, Pascal interrupted, “There’s no need to explain yourself. Since Mr. Sanders told you to come here, I’m certainly lending the Divine Scroll to you. After all, I’m returning the favor.”

As soon as Pascal was done talking, he tossed the Divine Scroll toward Kai. Pascal was very clear with his words. He was only lending the Divine Scroll to Kai because he was returning Arthur’s favor. In other words, it had nothing to do with Kai. Kai received the Divine Scroll and uttered, “Thank you, Mr. Pascal!”

Right when Kai was about to leave with the Divine Scroll, Pascal stopped him by asking him coldly, “Have you forgotten about something?” Kai froze momentarily before turning toward Pascal and asking, “What is it, Mr. Pascal?”

“Well, I’ve already shown Mr. Sanders my respect, and I’ve already lent you the Divine Scroll. However, you hit my son and killed the members of Crafting Clan. You even destroyed countless buildings. Are you not going to make up for your actions?” Pascal asked in an indifferent tone.


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