The Mans Decree Chapter 2083

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2083
A Man Like None Other Novel
A moment later, Kai retracted his spiritual sense, and Flaxseed stopped shaking his bell. Both Pascal and his son were pale, and when they looked at the giant sleigh bell in Flaxseed’s hand, they had terror in their eyes.

“Dad, what’s the point of spending all that time in solitary if the magical item you forged is completely useless against his bell?” Sherman complained.

Pascal was silent, for he could not wrap his mind around what was happening. He had been in seclusion for such a long time, and yet, the weapon he forged seemed useless. Could the bells really be frightened by the other bell?

“I’m going to take the Divine Scroll. I might bring it back if I’m in a good mood.” Kai then took the Divine Scroll and turned to leave. It was highly unlikely that Kai was going to bring the Divine Scroll back with the way Pascal had treated him.

“Stop right there!” Pascal bellowed when he saw Kai turning to leave with the Divine Scroll. In the next second, dozens of Crafting Clan members gathered around Kai and Flaxseed with various kinds of magical items in their hands.

“Are you going to attack me?” Kai asked. “Indeed. Leave the Divine Scroll behind. That is Crafting Clan’s treasure. How could we just let you leave with it?” Pascal shouted.

He had given Kai the scroll because he was certain that he would be able to gain control over Kai in no time. By then, he would be able to get the scroll back.

Yet, he found out that his Soul Summoning Bells were useless against him. Therefore, he resorted to violence. Kai’s expression darkened as murderous intent manifested in his eyes. “I hope you’ve thought this through. If you attack me, Crafting Clan will cease to exist,” Kai hissed.

“Cut the cr*p. You can leave this place, but you can’t take the Divine Scroll with you. If you don’t leave it behind, Crafting Clan is going to fight you to the death for it! I refuse to believe that all of us and our mighty magical items aren’t a match for the two of you.”

Pascal knew that Kai was powerful, but he had so many people wielding magical items around him. That was why he was confident in taking down Kai and Flaxseed.

“Hmph!” Kai snorted before spreading his palm. The next instance, he stood before one of the Crafting Clan members. With just one move, he crushed the Crafting Clan member’s head. Even the magical item the person was wielding had turned to dust.

Before anyone could react to that, Kai was back at his initial spot. His speed took Pascal aback. Knowing that he could not let Kai make another move, he ordered, “Kill him!”

In no time, dozens of Crafting Clan members charged toward Kai with their magical items. At the same time, some darted toward Flaxseed.

Flaxseed slowly took out his Golden Calabashi and smiled. “I’m going to feed this Golden. Calabash some power today.” With that, a tinge of spiritual energy went inside the Golden Calabash, making it glow. A powerful surge of energy shot out from inside the calabash and pierced through the body of a Crafting Clan member.

Sherman gritted his teeth in resentment as he looked at the Golden Calabash in Flaxseed’s hand. That should have been his, but Kai and Flaxseed had snatched it from him. Meanwhile, Kai was fighting with gold, glowing fists.

Boom! Just one punch, and the four Crafting Clan members in front of Kai were sent flying as their magical items shattered. In contrast, Kai was completely unaffected by the glow of the other magical items. At that, Pascal inhaled sharply.

“Sherman, leave now!” Pascal knew that his men could not defeat Kai, and the only option for him now was to flee.


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