The Mans Decree Chapter 2095

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2095
A Man Like None Other Novel
Meanwhile, in the secret realm, Melanie and Renee were still unconscious while Josephine anxiously called out to them. “Renee, Melanie, wake up. Please wake up.”

Josephine seemed both excited and worried. After such a long time, she finally saw some familiar faces again. After a while, Renee and Melanie slowly woke up. They were astonished as well when they saw Josephine.

“Josephine? I-Is it really you?” Renee couldn’t believe her eyes as she gazed at Josephine. Melanie pinched herself hard. “Are we dreaming?” “Renee, it’s me. You’re not dreaming.” Josephine’s eyes filled with tears as she hugged Renee tightly.

“Josephine, I am finally seeing you again. I’ve missed you so much. Everyone else misses you too. Kai has been sealed in the secret realm because he was trying to find a way to save you.” Tears streamed down Renee’s cheeks as she embraced Josephine.

When Josephine heard Renee mention Kai, she quickly wiped her tears and said, “Renee, tell me in detail about what happened to Kai.”

“I-I don’t know much either.” Renee had been staying in the Zare residence. After all, she and Colin were practically engaged, so it was normal for her to live there. Hence, Renee wasn’t as well informed about Kai’s situation.

“Let me explain,” Melanie piped up. Then, she recounted the story of Kai trying to save Josephine by finding a way to enter the secret realm, but he ended up being sealed inside.

“He’s such a fool. Evil Heart Sect possesses so many secret realms, so how could he possibly know which one I was imprisoned in? This is obviously a plot by Evil Heart Sect.”

Despite what she said, Josephine was actually deeply moved in her heart because the way Kai had risked his life to rescue her showed how important she was to him. “Josephine, how did you end up here? What is this place?” Renee asked curiously.

“This is also one of the Evil Heart Sect’s secret realms. I’ve been moved to several places, but I don’t know why you two also showed up in this secret realm,” Josephine replied. “We were captured by someone.” Renee described to Josephine how she and Melanie encountered an old man and was held captive afterward.

“You must have run into Evil Heart Sect’s Malphas. That old fellow is very powerful. Still, why would Evil Heart Sect want to seize you two?” Josephine frowned, trying to understand the situation.

During her time in captivity at Evil Heart Sect, Josephine learned a lot about them and also recognized many members of the sect. After all, Evil Heart Sect wanted her blood, so they treated her well and didn’t restrict her freedom within the secret realm.

Even if she wandered around, she couldn’t leave the secret realm. That was also aimed to facilitate her cooperation in providing her blood. That convenient arrangement allowed Josephine to gain an initial understanding of Evil Heart Sect.

“We’re not sure why they captured us either, but Mr. Sanders gave us a book in advance and told us to hand it to Kai if we saw him. He also asked if we were willing to sacrifice ourselves for Kai,” Melanie said to Josephine.

“What book is that? Let me have a look at it,” Josephine asked. Josephine didn’t know much about Mr. Sanders since she had spent most of her time in Evil Heart Sect.

Melanie took out the book and passed it to Josephine. Josephine looked at the ancient and somewhat worn book in her hands with a puzzled expression.

However, just as Josephine was about to open it, Renee stopped her, “Josephine, don’t open it. Mr. Sanders said that only Kai is allowed to open this book.”


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