The Mans Decree Chapter 2099

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2099
A Man Like None Other Novel
Even though the path on the way up was steep and challenging to traverse, they soon conquered the mountain. The father-and-son duo was amazed by the spectacular sight when they reached the top.

A resplendent and majestic monastery occupied almost the entire area atop the mountain. They were so near the clouds that they could extend and touch them while the refreshing air helped to clear their mind.

“Dad, is this Kusch Monastery you talked about?” Sherman asked astonishingly, his eyes glued to the building. I thought monasteries were small and run-down. This is certainly not what I expect!

Pascal nodded. “Yeap. That’s Kusch Monastery standing before you, and my senior, Yosef, is the abbot here. Please call him Mr. Jenkins when you see him later.”

Pascal and Sherman arrived before Kusch Monastery as they chatted. With thousands of disciples present, loud voices resonated across the halls of Kusch Monastery.

Sherman was noticeably surprised to realize that many of the disciples were average citizens. He couldn’t believe it. “Dad, it took us great effort to climb the steep hill even though we’re martial artists. How did these people do it?”

“What you see is the power of belief. We are incomparable to these citizens when it comes to their faith. They dedicated their whole life to God, wanting him to protect them…” Pascal sighed, watching the disciples’ movements.

Sherman sneered. “We are in control of our life. If they really thought these entities could help them out, then they are more innocent than I thought.”

To Sherman, nothing was more dependable than having true, powerful strength. However, the moment Sherman finished speaking, suffocation overwhelmed him. His. eyes widened as his face twitched violently from the lack of air.

“Scoundrel, that is blasphemy in Kusch Monastery. This action is intolerable!” A deep voice slowly drifted into Sherman’s ears. The sudden situation terrified Sherman. He plopped to the ground in a kneeling position immediately.

Meanwhile, Pascal realized what had happened. instantly when he spotted Sherman’s peculiar reaction. He used internal energy to transmit a message. “Yosef, it’s me. Pascal Schneider from Crafting Clan. I’m here for a quick

visitation. Please forgive my son’s ignorance.”

The pressure on Sherman vanished, and he could breathe easier after Pascal clarified the intention of his visit.

Soon, an older-looking priest in his seventies or eighties strolled out of Kusch Monastery. His brows were white, and patches adorned his robe. Yet, there was whistling wind around him when he walked.

It was none other than Yosef Jenkins of Kusch Monastery. “Yosef…” Pascal dashed forward, tears rolling down his face when he saw the man. Sherman stepped forward quickly in response, greeting, “Mr. Jenkins.”

Yosef swept his eyes over them. A frown. appeared on his face before he invited, “Follow me into the building.” Pascal and Sherman trailed behind Yosef, walking through the hallways before arriving at the back hall.

“Leave us now…” Yosef waved his hand, chasing the other priests out of the hall. Then, he asked, “Pascal, you were the head of Crafting Clan. What happened to you?”

Disheartened by Yosef’s question, Pascal sobbed again. “Yosef, you must exact revenge on behalf of me!” With that, he kneeled before the latter. Sherman immediately followed suit and knelt on the ground.

“Pascal, even though you and I went separate ways after finishing our apprenticeship and had not contacted each other for a long time, I would never leave you behind when trouble arises.”

Yosef continued while helping Pascal up. “So now, tell me what went wrong.” “My Crafting Clan is gone, Yosef. Someone destroyed it!” Pascal stated sadly.


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