The Mans Decree Chapter 2100

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2100
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Destroyed? What do you mean?” Yosef was stunned. “Even though you are not the most powerful man, you have various top-quality magical items in your possession. Were they useless in defending Crafting Clan against harm? Other than the people who remained in solace, seeking to become immortal, who else can wreak havoc in Crafting Clan in the mundane world?”

Yosef added, “Were the people from the secret realm behind this?” Pascal shook his head. “None of them. It wasn’t the secret realm, nor was it those secluded sects. It was done by a man named Kai Chance!”

“ Kai Chance?” Yosef furrowed his brows. “What’s his background? How did he destroy Crafting Clan? What happened to those magical items?*

“I don’t know much about him too. I only knew that he was recently the most powerful man in the martial arts world. A newcomer that had just shown his capabilities, Kai is only in his twenties.”

Pascal didn’t know much about Kai’s background for Crafting Clan did not mingle much with the mundane world. “Newbie?” Yosef was shocked. “He must be a Martial Arts Saint or even higher if he could ruin Crafting Clan. It isn’t possible for an amateur to reach the cultivation level of Martial Arts Saint suddenly! I’m sure he is part of some secret sect.

There must be an unknown secret behind this. Many older adults’ complexions would return to their youth after they reached an ultimate cultivation level and require zero effort to live to hundreds of years old. Maybe this Kai is the elder of one of the secret sects?”

Yosef didn’t believe a man in his twenties could achieve the cultivation level of a Martial Arts Saint. It wouldn’t be an unachievable task if they were in the secret realm because a lot of spiritual energy cultivators stayed there, and these people had great starting points. Kai needed to build a steady base step-by-step if he was just a mere martial artist.

All martial artists try their hardest to cultivate and achieve the highest cultivation level, Manifestor. Once they reach that point, becoming immortal would be an easy feat.

It was then these cultivators could continue their journey toward the great unknown. However, some people had higher starting points the moment they stepped into the heavenly realm. Combined with their innate ability and the resources accumulated, it was. highly possible for these people to reach the cultivation level of Martial Arts Saints in their twenties.

In the mundane world, Martial Arts Saints in their twenties were a rare sight unless they had an unexpected chance or had the support of their secret sect, allowing them to gather as many resources as they wanted.

A newbie without any of these predetermined conditions, power, or influence would face severe problems in reaching the Martial Arts Saint level in their twenties.

“Mr. Jenkins, I don’t think Kai restored his youth. Besides, our magical items could not harm him at all. What if he is a spiritual energy cultivator?” Sherman denied Yosef’s allegations. Kai looked nothing like an older man returning to his youth from his point of view.

“That’s impossible. The laws of nature govern spiritual energy cultivators and can’t up their capabilities without any control in the mundane world. Their existence is against every law of nature in this world, so they can’t stay in the mundane world for an extended period.”

Yosef added, “Unless they give up on cultivating and let their cultivation stop at a standstill or even regress. If not, there’s no way they can stay in the mundane world. Don’t tell me you are clueless about this when people from Crafting Clan always mix around with the people from the secret realm,” looking at Sherman.

“I… It’s true that I was not aware of that!” Sherman replied in an embarrassed manner. Pascal jumped to Sherman’s defense. “Yosef, there are many things that I’ve kept hidden from him because he is still young. But then, if Kai is no spiritual energy cultivator, why does he have such excellent capabilities?

Moreover, I’ve never heard anything about him belonging to any secluded sect!” Confusion was evident on Pascal’s face. The question of whether Kai was a spiritual energy cultivator remained a mystery to him.


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