The Mans Decree Chapter 2109

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2109
A Man Like None Other Novel
Fearing that something bad would happen if they took too long, Kai urged them, “Come on! Let’s go!” The four of them quickly made their way. through the door of light and found themselves in the backyard of Warriors Alliance.

The disciples of Deragon Sect, who were patrolling in the backyard, froze in shock when they saw Kai and the others emerge from a door of light that had appeared out of nowhere.

After taking a second to snap out of their dazed state and regain their composure, they fell to their knees and exclaimed, “Mr. Chance! You’re finally back!” “Hurry up and inform Mr. Flaxseed that Mr. Chance has returned!”

It wasn’t long before Flaxseed and Godrick heard about Kai and the others leaving the secret realm. They immediately rushed over to Warriors Alliance and gasped in shock when they saw Kai and the three ladies. “ Kai! How did you guys manage to access the exit?”

Flaxseed and Jessica had tried their best to find the exit but to no avail. “It’s a long story. For now, let’s all just head on back!” Kai replied and led them all back to Deragon Sect. Josephine was a little shocked when she saw. Deragon Sect and saw everyone treat Kai as the head of the sect.

“A lot of stuff happened while you were away. Josephine. I’ll explain everything to you once we get back,” Kai said with a smile when he saw the confused look on Josephine’s face.

“Josephine!” Lizbeth called out to her as she came running over. Feeling relieved to see that Josephine was all right, Lizbeth threw herself at her and hugged her tightly. “Oh, Lizbeth!” Josephine got emotional too when she saw Lizbeth.

Cecilia, too, came running over with a bunch of ladies. “Renee, where have you two been? We’ve been looking all over for you!” “We were taken away by bad guys, Cecilia!” Renee replied and proceeded to explain everything that happened in great detail.

The ladies were all shocked when they heard. that Renee and Melanie were trapped in the secret realm. After having a brief exchange with Lizbeth, Josephine scanned the ladies around them.

Being a woman, her gut instinct told her that these ladies were all related to Kai in some way or another. “Hi, my name is Cecilia!” Cecilia introduced herself proudly.

Josephine was a little taken aback by Cecilia’s confidence and beauty. Whoa… She’s so beautiful! I didn’t know it was possible for a lady to look so stunning! After taking a moment to regain her composure, Josephine shook her hand and replied, “Hi, I’m Josephine…”

Kai couldn’t help but feel awkward as he watched from the side. He knew it would be extremely difficult to explain this to Josephine later on.

Realizing the awkward look on Kai’s face, Godrick quickly stepped forward and changed the topic by saying, “You must be hungry after being trapped in there for so long, right? I had them prepare a banquet. This is a special day, so we must celebrate it to our hearts’ content!”

Soon, the atmosphere in Deragon Sect was incredibly lively as they decorated the place with colorful lights and filled the hall with tons of tables. Kai then introduced everyone to Josephine.

“You have no idea how many times Kai nearly died while trying to rescue you, Ms. Sullivan!” Flaxseed told Josephine. Josephine glanced at Kai and broke into a sweet smile. She knew he must have been really anxious when she was trapped inside that secret realm.

The banquet at Deragon Sect carried on until it was late at night. This was the happiest day for both the sect’s members and Kai. Countless fireworks went off in the sky above to further enhance the celebratory mood.

Arthur had an emotionless look on his face as he watched the fireworks from the Department of Justice. “ Kai managed to rescue his girlfriend, so everyone in Deragon Sect is celebrating right now, Mr. Sanders,” Xavier said as he walked up to Arthur. Arthur let out a sigh. “He’s celebrating a little too soon…”

He then pulled out an envelope and handed it to Xavier as he continued, “If Kai comes to see me tomorrow, tell him I’m not in and hand him this envelope.”


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