The Mans Decree Chapter 2110

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2110
A Man Like None Other Novel
Xavier had confusion written all over his face when he took the envelope over, but he nodded obediently anyway. “Understood…” Arthur then motioned for him to leave before looking up at the starry sky above. “The true battle is about to begin.”

Meanwhile, Tanner too was staring at the starry sky from Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm. There were eight miniature statues next to him, four of which were glowing faintly.

Had Kai been there to see that, he would’ve known that they looked exactly like the statues in Boundless Cave. “No one can stop my plan! No one!” Tanner mumbled to himself as he shifted his gaze back toward the statues. Suddenly, Malphas came running over in a state of panic.

“Bad news, Lord Tanner! Kai has fled the secret realm with the three women and is currently throwing a banquet to celebrate their freedom!” he reported anxiously. However, Tanner showed no change in emotion whatsoever even after hearing that.

“They won’t get away. They may have gotten out of the secret realm, but they will come back sooner or later. Your job is to find people with special physical attributes. Remember, you only have three months to get it done. Should you fail to find anyone after three months, you can forget about coming back!” he said coldly. Malphas nodded. “I understand, Lord Tanner!”

Meanwhile, at Deragon Sect, everyone left feeling satisfied after the banquet came to an end. It was as though they had agreed beforehand to give Kai and Josephine some personal space.

Josephine leaned against Kai’s shoulder as the two of them sat on the roof. They were both stargazing with sweet smiles on their faces. “Those ladies sure were nice to you today. You really have a way with women, Kai!” Josephine said all of a sudden.

Kai gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze as he reassured her, “They’re just friends to me. You are the only one who holds a special place in my heart.”

Josephine looked him in the eyes as she asked, “I see you’ve become quite the smooth talker too. It must be tough keeping your hands to yourself when you’ve got so many beautiful women by your side all the time, especially someone as pretty as Cecilia. Have you two really not done anything together?”

Kai calmly shook his head and replied, “I have not done anything with any of them.” Josephine flashed him a smile as she could see that he was telling the truth.

“Honestly, I’m happy as long as you have me in your heart. I wouldn’t mind even if you did help yourself to those other ladies,” she said while leaning against his shoulder.

“I told you, I won’t get married until I rescue my mother, and I will never have sex with anyone until I get married,” Kai replied in the most matter-of-fact tone possible. “Did you manage to find anything on your mother?”

“Yes, but I’ve been more focused on rescuing you lately. Now that you’re safe, I can go back to rescue my mother.” Kai’s eyes were filled with determination as he believed he would be able to rescue his mother. “It’s all my fault for slowing you down…”

Josephine felt really bad for slowing Kai down so much. He probably would’ve rescued his mother a lot sooner if he didn’t have to come for me! “It’s not your fault, silly!”

Kai gave her a gentle pat on the head and proceeded to tell her what he had experienced so far. Josephine’s eyes slowly closed as she listened on and dozed off shortly after.

Noticing that she had fallen asleep, Kai tightened his grip on her as he didn’t want her to catch a cold. The next thing he knew, the golden rays of the morning sun slowly illuminated the area around them.

Kai’s lips curled into a faint smile as he watched the sun rise up in the distance. However, his smile faded the moment he turned around and looked at Josephine. Her lips had turned pale, and her face was as white as a sheet.


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