The Mans Decree Chapter 2112

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2112
A Man Like None Other Novel
Xavier immediately stepped aside when he heard that, and Kai made his way through the door. Kai saw that Arthur was casually sipping on a cup of coffee when he entered his office. He did not look busy in the slightest. “Mr. Sanders, you-”

Arthur cut him off, “If you want to talk, then come on in. I don’t like speaking to people who are standing so far away.” As Kai stepped further into the office, he felt an intense energy wave coming toward him.

He clenched his teeth and tried his best to fight against it, but it was far too powerful. The next thing Kai knew, he was sent flying out the window and crashed into the courtyard outside.

He hit the ground with so much force that it formed a crater on the spot. Kai then slowly got back on his feet and made his way back to Arthur’s office. This time, he activated his aura and prepared himself before barging in.

However, the energy wave from earlier hit him like a train yet again and sent him flying into that same crater, making it a lot deeper. Kai rubbed his aching chest and coughed up a mouthful of blood as he got back up. With a frown on his face, he walked up to the office door yet again. However, he did not step inside this time.

“Why did you have Renee and Melanie bring me Wordless Tome, Mr. Sanders? Did you know that they would be captured and sent to the secret realm? They have all fallen unconscious and are barely breathing right now. What is going on?” Kai asked from outside the door.

“If you can’t even step inside my office, then you are in no position to question me. Just do what is written in the letter!” Arthur replied nonchalantly and continued to sip on his coffee without even looking at Kai.

A deep frown creased Kai’s brow as he charged up his aura and activated Golem Body. With golden scales covering his entire body and the Power of Dragons at full power, a golden dragon slowly began to materialize behind him.

This time, however, the dragon clearly did not look as majestic as it did before. Oblivious to that fact, Kai clenched his teeth and marched right into the office. He had just taken a few steps inside when a powerful force hit him from the front. Kai’s body shook a little before he fell to his knees with a loud thud.

The floor instantly cracked under the impact. With his teeth tightly clenched, Kai propped himself up with both arms and continued crawling toward the center of the office.

However, he was sent flying out the window yet again. This time, he coughed up a mouthful of blood before he even hit the ground. Even so, Kai got back up on his feet without any hesitation and attempted to enter Arthur’s office again and again.

He did it so many times that he had lost count of his failed attempts. His Golem Body had long since been destroyed, and his body was covered in wounds.

Even when he couldn’t stand up, Kai insisted on crawling toward Arthur’s office on all fours, leaving a trail of blood behind him. It pained Xavier to watch all of this from the side, but he didn’t dare say anything in response.

Arthur let out a sigh when he saw Kai crawling through his door again. He then disabled the aura and let Kai into his office without any further resistance. After panting heavily for a few minutes, Kai struggled to stand up and stared at Arthur. He couldn’t even stand straight.

Arthur calmly placed his cup of coffee down and flashed Kai a confused look as he said, “You know, you could very well die if you get sent flying one more time.”


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