The Mans Decree Chapter 2116

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2116
A Man Like None Other Novel
“I will tear Kai into a thousand pieces…” Pascal said, his heart aching when he heard Sherman’s words. After all, those magical items were his life’s work. “Pascal, since you two have already recovered, bring me to this Kai so that I could avenge you,” Yosef uttered casually.

“Thank you, Yosef.” Pascal came all the way to the monastery in search of Yosef just to acquire the latter’s help to take revenge against Kai. “Let’s depart now.”

After saying that, Yosef arranged the affairs at Kusch Monastery and assigned tasks to his subordinates before following Pascal and Sherman to seek vengeance. Meanwhile, in the secret realm, Kai and the girls returned to Boundless Cave.

This time, nothing unusual happened to Josephine and the others. It seemed that their special physiques were the trigger. Nothing would happen now that their unique constituents had disappeared. Staring at the statues inside the Boundless Cave, Kai reckoned the problem must lie with those statues.

Slowly reaching out his hand, Kai infused a stream of spiritual energy into the statues, trying to see if the Wordless Tome could reveal the origin of those statues.

Unfortunately, the Wordless Tome didn’t have any information about the origin of the statues, causing Kai to feel a little frustrated. If he couldn’t find out the origin of the Boundless Cave and those statues, he wouldn’t be able to heal Josephine and the others and get them out of the secret realm.

Finally, Kai looked at the statue with its right hand extended and enveloped it with his spiritual sense. Since the Wordless Tome displayed some words on that particular statue, that proved that it was different from the other statues.

Additionally, as the Wordless Tome didn’t contain information about the origin of those statues, Kai considered examining them with his spiritual sense to probe what was inside them. How could these statues withstand my terrifying powers and remain upright and undamaged?

When Kai’s spiritual sense entered the statue, he suddenly froze as if his body was fixed in place.

“ Kai!”

“ Kai!” Josephine and the girls noticed something was wrong with Kai and hastily called out to him. However, it appeared as if Kai didn’t hear them.

His pupils widened, and his facial expression became increasingly malicious. The turns of events frightened Josephine and the others. Nevertheless, Kai remained motionless no matter how they cried out his name.

Half an hour later, he suddenly collapsed to the ground, his eyes riveted on the cave’s ceiling, and his aura weakened significantly. “Josephine, w-what’s going on? What happened to Kai?” Renee was close to shedding tears as fear washed over her.

“I don’t know either.” Josephine was also at a loss for what to do. At that moment, Kai seemed to be in a trance-like state, but his spiritual sense had already entered the statue. “W-What is this place?”

Kai felt as if he was in a vast realm surrounded by various animals. The spiritual energy there was even more abundant than in the secret realm..

Just as he was in a state of confusion, eight people walked toward him. They were clad in ancient clothing with the words “Divine Quest Sect” embroidered on their outfits. “T-They are…”

Sheer shock filled Kai’s eyes as he gazed at the approaching group of eight because he realized those people’s appearances were precisely the same as those statues in the Boundless Cave.

He wanted to stop them and gain answers from them, but they walked past him as if they were unable to see him. Only the person holding a book frowned slightly and stopped to scan his surroundings when he walked past Kai.

“Great Elder, what are you looking at? Our sect leader has summoned us for a discussion. We can’t be late,” said a man with a topknot.


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