The Mans Decree Chapter 2117

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2117
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Oh… Nothing.” With that, the group of eight continued walking. forward. Kai chased and shouted after them, yet they did not respond. In the end, Kai had no choice but to follow. them. He wanted to find out where they were going.

Shortly after, the group arrived at the entrance. of the cave. Carved above the cave were two words-Boundless Cave. “This is Boundless Cave? Why are the surroundings completely different?”

Kai stared at the cave in puzzlement. Before he could regain his senses, the eight men had already entered Boundless Cave. Kai wanted to follow them into the cave, but he was stopped by a great force at the entrance.

Despite his efforts, he could not step foot into the cave. Left without a choice, Kai remained at the entrance and carefully listened for sounds coming from the cave, hoping to get some useful information about the place.

Alas, Kai heard nothing after standing there for a long time. Just as he was about to check out other places, several screams echoed from the cave.

Following that, a golden light burst out from the cave. It was so dazzling that Kai could barely open his eyes. “So what if you can defy the laws of nature?”

Boisterous laughter resounded from the cave. In the next second, a figure appeared. Before Kai could take a look at the person’s face, his vision turned black.

By the time he opened his eyes, he found himself lying inside Boundless Cave with Josephine and the others watching him anxiously. The three of them were delighted to see Kai come to. “You’re finally awake! You gave us such a fright.” “ Kai, what happened to you?”

The three of them questioned him concernedly. However, Kai did not answer their questions. Instead, he quickly stood up and examined the statues in front of him.

“What’s going on? Are these not statues, but people who’ve been turned into statues using magecraft? And who was that who came out of the cave?”

Kai was confounded. All Josephine and the others could do was just stare at him in puzzlement. They had no idea what was going on with Kai. Touching the statues, Kai once again tried sending his spiritual sense into it. Alas, nothing happened this time. “What’s going on? What exactly is going on?”

Confusion inundated Kai as he touched the statues. Meanwhile, at Deragon Sect in Jadeborough, Godrick arranged for the disciples to patrol and train every day as usual. At the same time, three figures slowly appeared outside Deragon Sect. They were none other than Yosef, Pascal, and Sherman.

“As expected from the most outstanding talent among the younger generation of the martial arts world. He established such a huge sect at such a young age,” Yosef could not help but exclaim as he gazed at Deragon Sect.

“Hmph! The reason Kai got to where he is today is that the martial arts world has declined! Besides, these people of Jadeborough’s martial arts world are only courting fame. They’re not capable of fighting at all. Kai will not stand a chance once those prestigious families living in seclusion reveal themselves,” Pascal scoffed.

“You’re right, but Kai’s quite powerful for being able to achieve Martial Arts Saint at such a young age. It’s a pity that he’s too arrogant for his age. He’s only putting himself in danger,” commented Yosef. Gazing at Deragon Sect’s signage, he waved his hand lightly.

Immediately, a terrifying aura shot out of Yosef’s hand and reduced the massive signage to dust. Even the entire gate collapsed right after Yosef made that move.

Seeing Yosef destroy the gate with one move, Pascal hurriedly advised, “Yosef, please don’t make such a huge fuss. We’re in Jadeborough, Mr. Sanders’ territory.” They were there to seek revenge on Kai. They only needed to capture him and torture him to death.


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