The Mans Decree Chapter 2121

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2121
A Man Like None Other Novel
Kai was about to go crazy as he was busy analyzing the statues so Josephine and the rest could leave. Josephine felt really bad for him. “ Kai, Josephine’s right. We’re all together, safe and sound, so you don’t have to get anxious!” Renee told Kai.

Melanie chuckled aloud and agreed, “Yes. Since we’re all here, I can ask them to teach me how to cultivate. Perhaps I’ll become an expert that will be able to help you soon.”

Kai knew they were merely trying to comfort him. No matter how great the secret realm was, no one would want to be trapped inside it indefinitely.

Besides, this particular secret realm belonged to Evil Heart Sect, so its members could make their way in at any time. Being trapped here was no different than being trapped in Evil Heart Sect’s prison.

Kai tried many different ways but to no avail. The scene that emerged for the first time didn’t repeat itself. He was feeling frustrated when he suddenly. frowned and got to his feet.

“What’s wrong?” Josephine asked. “Someone is here. Someone has entered the secret realm.”

Kai might be focused on analyzing the statues, but he left a strand of spiritual sense outside just in case someone from Evil Heart Sect entered the secret realm suddenly to harm. Josephine and the others.

He suddenly sensed an aura fluctuation, which told him that someone had entered the secret realm. Josephine and the others grew curious about the identity of the person who had entered the secret realm.

They walked out of Boundless Cave, following Kai to the spot where the aura fluctuation occurred. Everyone was surprised to discover that the person who entered the secret realm was none other than Jessica.

Meanwhile, Jessica couldn’t hide her excitement upon seeing them. The secret realm was large, so she would’ve wasted a lot of time to find them if they hadn’t come to her. “Jessica, why did you come into the secret realm?” Kai asked as a trace of shock crossed his face. “Mr. Chance, I…”

Jessica was about to explain the reason she was there when she recalled Cecilia’s reminder. She quickly corrected herself, “Mr. Chance, I’m here because something happened at Deragon Sect.” Kai’s brows scrunched up. “Something happened at Deragon Sect? What was it?”

Godrick was currently managing Deragon Sect, and it also had the support of the Gunderson family and the Dunn family. Thus, it should be doing well.

Even if something minor were to crop up, Godrick could deal with it easily. Something huge must’ve happened for Jessica to come all the way to the secret realm to summon him.

“O-Oh, it’s nothing major. We just need you to handle some matters personally,” Jessica revealed. Kai could tell by her reaction that something major had happened. Instead of questioning her, he turned to Josephine and said, “Josephine, wait for me back at Boundless Cave. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll return after handling the matter to bring you out.”

“Go ahead. Don’t worry about us, as we’ll enjoy some quiet time here alone,” Josephine said with a nod “Let’s go,” Kai said to Jessica. The latter seemed stumped. “Mr. Chance, I’ve entered the secret realm. Will I be like Ms. Sullivan and the rest if I leave the secret realm?”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” Kai assured her. Kai had come to the realization that Josephine and the others would be at risk if they were to leave the secret realm because of Boundless Cave and their special constitutions.

Jessica neither had a unique constituent nor entered Boundless Cave, so she should be safe. Hearing that, Jessica nodded and left the secret realm with Kai.


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