The Mans Decree Chapter 2122

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2122
A Man Like None Other Novel
Throughout their journey, Jessica bore a grim expression, which further confirmed Kai’s suspicion that something serious had happened back in Deragon Sect.

When Kai finally arrived at Deragon Sect, he was taken aback by the gloomy atmosphere. that surrounded the place. Deragon Sect’s door had just been fixed. The guards yelled in excitement when they saw Kai. “Mr. Chance is back! Mr. Chance is back!”

Some members of Deragon Sect even burst into tears when they spotted Kai. They had spent a lot of time with those who had passed away and couldn’t help but feel sad at having to bid farewell to their comrades.

Upon learning about Kai’s return, Cecilia, Axton, and the rest hurried out to welcome him. Kai’s face fell when he noticed Godrick was nowhere to be seen. He turned to look at Cecilia and asked coldly, “Cecilia, what happened?”

Cecilia detailed the entire incident to Kai. Upon hearing what had transpired, he was left reeling as if he had been struck by lightning. Godrick had done an excellent job running Deragon Sect, and as they were related by blood, Kai considered him a brother..

Also, Kai was very close to Flaxseed despite their frequent arguments and would often bring him along wherever he went. At critical moments, Flaxseed’s intelligence and experience often impressed Kai. He couldn’t accept the fact that Godrick and Flaxseed were about to die.

Kai stared at Godrick and Flaxseed, lying in their respective beds, as a murderous glint crossed his face. “I am aware of the skills possessed by the father and son duo from Crafting Clan. They could have inflicted severe harm on Godrick, but Mr. Flaxseed had the Golden Calabash. Even if our enemies were to join forces, they wouldn’t stand a chance against Mr. Flaxseed.”

“A fortune teller did that to them. He also took away Mr. Flaxseed’s Golden Calabash. Before they left, Pascal told you to go to Kusch Monastery. He’ll be waiting there for you. Otherwise, he’ll come back to Deragon Sect to kill more people!” Cecilia told Kai.

“Kusch Monastery?” Kai knitted his brows upon hearing the unfamiliar name. However, he knew it wasn’t time to ponder over that right now. The most important thing was to save Godrick and Flaxseed.

Looking despaired, Axton revealed, “My Lord, I’ve examined them both. They are seriously injured, with their meridians and bones both crushed. I’m afraid I cannot undo that. We should consider it lucky that they are still alive! Our enemy was too cruel. Clearly, they wanted Mr. Flaxseed and the rest to suffer excruciating pain before dying.”

Rage filled Kai’s eyes, and a terrifying murderous intent swirled inside him at that moment. “I’ll make sure those who did this to them get a taste of their own medicine!”

He stepped forward and injected a swirl of spiritual energy into Flaxseed and Godrick. After he examined their bodies, an ugly scowl crept up his face. If their meridians were broken or their bones were crushed, Kai could figure out a way to cure them.

However, the enemy had completely destroyed their meridians and bones, which meant that Kai had to reconstruct their meridians and bones entirely. It was a monumental task, akin to creating new bodies for both of them.

Kai shut his eyes and read the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting carefully in his brain to figure out a solution. No matter what, he must save Flaxseed and Godrick!

Despite racking his brains, Kai still failed to find a way to save Flaxseed and Godrick. He could save their lives, but they would be confined to their beds for the rest of their days. That was a fate worse than death.

Jessica stared at Kai anxiously as the latter was the only one who stood a chance to save Flaxseed. “Mr. Knox, stay here and take good care of them. I’ll go find a way…”

Kai couldn’t find any suitable treatment for them, so he had to seek help. He decided to head to Gate of Fire’s secret realm to see if Chester could help him treat Godrick and Flaxseed.


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