The Mans Decree Chapter 2127

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2127
A Man Like None Other Novel
Kai stood at the foot of the steep mountain peak in the Southwest Region, astonished that a temple could be built in such a place. But for Kai, even the steepest terrain was as flat as an expressway road. With a few agile leaps, he began his ascent toward the summit.

Soon, he arrived at Kusch Monastery, marveling at its grandeur and the devout followers who bowed in reverence with each step. Kai couldn’t fathom how these ordinary people had managed to climb up such a steep place with such determination and perseverance.

To avoid harming the civilians, Kai waved his hand lightly, causing the gate of Kusch Monastery to shake violently and then crumble. Seeing the sudden situation, the devotees inside ran out of the monastery in a panic, retreating to a safe distance.

“Dad, what’s going on? Could it be Kai?” Sherman asked Pascal, looking anxious when he heard the sounds. “I don’t know. Let’s go outside and take a look,” Pascal replied, walking out of the room.

As soon as they stepped out of the room, they saw Kusch Monastery’s gate collapsing and Kai standing nearby. Upon seeing Pascal and his son, Sherman, Kai felt his killing intent surge instantly.

“ Kai, I never expected you to dare to come here,” Sherman sneered upon seeing Kai. “If you and your father want to die, I won’t disappoint you,” Kai replied, advancing slowly. Seeing Kai walking toward him, Sherman felt a bit intimidated and took two steps back involuntarily.

At that moment, more than a dozen monks with powerful auras rushed out of Kusch Monastery, their faces full of anger upon seeing their gate destroyed.

“That guy destroyed our gate! Catch him!” Pascal shouted to the monks who were rushing out. The monks, aware of Pascal’s relationship with Yosef, all charged toward Kai.

Kai’s mouth curled in disdain. Faced with the charging dozen or so monks, Kai stood still. Suddenly, a terrifying pressure burst forth from his body, and a mighty force spread out in all directions. The energy reverberated throughout Kusch Monastery, causing the monks to collapse on the ground, unable to even raise their heads.

Pascal and Sherman were both terrified by the sight, as they knew that all dozen or so of the Kusch Monastery monks were powerful and had reached the rank of Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Some of them had even reached the Top Level of Greater Martial Arts Marquis, but they all collapsed before they even reached Kai!

“You guys couldn’t have hurt my people in Jadeborough with trash like this. Who was the one who dared to act against my Deragon Sect?”

Kai looked toward Pascal. He knew that with just Pascal’s and Sherman’s abilities, they couldn’t have beaten Flaxseed to that extent. Pascal and Sherman were so scared that their faces turned pale, but they didn’t reveal Yosef’s involvement.

Seeing this, pressure erupted from Kai’s body again, causing the monks on the ground to feel a suffocating sensation in their chests before coughing up blood.

Pascal and Sherman, though far away, could also feel the terrifying pressure and gritted their teeth to hang on. “Who’s the lowlife causing a commotion at Kusch Monastery? I can’t even enjoy my women in peace!”

Out of nowhere, a boisterous voice filled the air. The powerful voice was infused with immense energy that shattered the pressure that Kai was emitting.

The monks, who had been lying on the ground, felt the pressure lifting from them. They hurriedly got up and fled, leaving Pascal and Sherman relieved as well. Kai frowned and turned toward the direction of the voice.

He saw Alef, whose clothes were in a mess, slowly walking out with a disheveled girl in his arms toward him. Alef even let his hand roam over her body in front of everyone.


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