The Mans Decree Chapter 2130

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2130
A Man Like None Other Novel
The puppets turned to ashes under the intense heat of the flames, never to be restored again. “How did you know the weakness of my puppets?”

Alef couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at Kai. He had put a lot of effort into cultivating these puppets, and now they were all destroyed.

“What’s so hard about that? I even know how you made these puppets now,” Kai replied with a cold smile. “So, it’s hardly surprising that I know their weakness.”

“You’re talking nonsense! Puppet Mastery Spell is passed down from generation to generation in my sect, so how could you possibly know anything about it? You’ve probably just stumbled upon the truth by accident! But you destroyed my puppets, so I won’t let you go! Just wait and see!”

After Alef finished speaking, he leaped to one side, clearly trying to escape. “Hmph, anyone who hurt people from my Deragon Sect can’t just walk away like that!”

With a cold snort, Kai jumped into the air, too, reaching for Alef with his right hand. With powerful suction, he grabbed Alef firmly and unyieldingly in his hand, and the latter couldn’t break free.

“I think you’ve misunderstood me. I haven’t killed anyone from your Deragon Sect. Yosef is the one who killed your people. If you want revenge, find him. I just came to help him.” Alef began to plead for mercy after being caught by Kai. Kai was taken aback. “Yosef?”

“Yes, Yosef is the abbot of this Kusch Monastery. I just came here to help around. I have no grievances or grudges against you, so please let me go!” Alef continued to plead Kai turned to Pascal and his son for confirmation. “Is he telling the truth?”

Feeling the sharpness in his eyes piercing through them, Pascal could only nod and say, “Yes!” “See, there are no grudges between us. I haven’t killed anyone from your Deragon Sect. Please let me go! Otherwise, if you kill me, my mentor won’t spare you. We pass our skills from generation to generation, so if you kill me, you’ll end the future of our Puppet Monastery!”

Alef even began to threaten Kai. “As a religious individual, you dare to harm women at will and still practice Blissful Ritual. If you don’t deserve to die, who does?” After Kai said that, his palm slammed down upon Alef’s head, causing Alef to instinctively scream as his eyes widened in fear.

However, Alef realized that Kai’s palm hadn’t hit his head at all. Instead, it was simply placed upon his head, followed by a massive suction force. Alef felt that the strength within him was rapidly draining away.

He panicked and struggled, but it was all in vain. He could only watch helplessly as his body. became weaker and weaker until he turned into a desiccated corpse.

Kai drained Alef of his strength and turned him into a desiccated corpse, which could bel considered retribution for the many girls Alef had drained in the same manner.

As Pascal and Sherman witnessed Alef being. drained dry and turned into a lifeless corpse by Kai, they were so frightened that their faces turned pale, and they hurriedly retreated. “It’s your turn now…”

Kai looked at Pascal and his son with indifference as if he were looking at dead people. “Mr. Jenkins, save us! Save us…” Sherman shouted. However, Yosef was in seclusion and couldn’t hear them.

Kai was delighted to see Pascal and his son so scared. He released a huge pressure on them, making the father and son duo fall to the ground on their knees. “Today, I will make you both suffer and die in agony…”

With that said, Kai’s bloodthirsty aura spread, enveloping the entire Kusch Monastery. Just as he was about to make his move, a sudden bolt of lightning struck from the sky, hitting a large hall in Kusch Monastery.

Immediately after that, a surge of aura rose up into the air from the hall, and soon, an image of the Enlightened One appeared in the sky! Kai looked up at the sky, and his expression instantly became grave.


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