The Mans Decree Chapter 2543

Chapter 2543 Like Lambs Waiting To Be Slaughtered

Kai gave a signal to Ali and the others, and they followed suit, pretending to have lost their abilities.
Seeing this, Francois smirked and said, “Listen carefully now, folks. What you’ve taken is actually the Weakening Pill and your powers are completely gone now. You have no choice but to obey my orders if you want to stay alive!” He then turned to Brutus. “Brutus, get everyone in. I want that bloodthirsty beast to enjoy a feast!”

Brutus nodded in acknowledgment and began directing the people in one single direction. Chev signaled his men to provide assistance as well.
Like lambs waiting to be slaughtered, the crowd, now powerless, struggled and attempted to escape, but they were easily captured by Brutus and thrown into the scorched land.
Kai and his people huddled together and cautiously stepped into the scorched land.

The moment his foot touched the ground, a horrifying aura surged up from below.
Along with the terrifying aura, there was a divine power mixed within it, most likely emanating from the Grus Divina.
“Ah!” The bloodthirsty beast’s tentacles wrapped around some people, and it began sucking their blood.

Others desperately ran, trying to escape the grasp of the beast. However, with Brutus and the others watching closely from behind, they could only run forward as fast as they could.
They prayed that while the bloodthirsty beast was preoccupied sucking the blood of others, they could seize the opportunity to escape.
Looking at the panic-stricken people, Francois flashed another malevolent grin.

“Francois, you’re even more heartless than I thought. I didn’t expect sacrificing these villagers would be your way to deal with the bloodthirsty beast. It seems you have planned it from the beginning. No wonder you value the lives of these villagers so much.” Chev expressed his astonishment at Francois’ cruel plan.
“You and I may not necessarily stand a chance against the bloodthirsty beast. There are no better ways to deal with it than this,” Francois said proudly. “Once the bloodthirsty beast finishes feeding on these people’s blood, the effects of the Weakening Pills will kick in inside its body, and then it’ll be our turn to take down the beast!”

Chev remained silent as he looked at the gruesome scene before him. The villagers, stripped of their strength, had no chance to defend themselves against the attacks of the bloodthirsty beast.
As Emily observed the villagers dying miserably before her, a profound sense of sorrow overwhelmed her. She desperately wished she could save them, but she knew she was powerless to do so.
Kai, too, could only shake his head helplessly, knowing that there was no way to rescue those people.

Soon, a faint black mist rose from the charred land, enveloping the area with an eerie aura. The air filled with the chilling sound of screams intensified the ominous atmosphere.
“Come on. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible. If luck is on our side, we might find the Grus Divina,” Kai said, leading Ali and the others toward the epicenter.

However, just as they had taken a few steps, Percy suddenly let out a piercing scream. A tentacle had emerged from the ground and wrapped him up.
“Help! Please help me! Kai, Ali, save me!” Percy shouted desperately, his face pale.

He was still a child, after all. It was not uncommon for a child to panic under such dangerous circumstances.
Upon noticing Percy in danger, Kai swiftly leaped forward, snatched Percy’s sword, and chopped off the tentacle.
The sharp blade sliced through the tentacle, severing it from its source.


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