The Mans Decree Chapter 2544

Chapter 2544 Run

Having been rescued, Percy rushed behind Kai.
Meanwhile, Francois, Chev, and the others, who had been standing by and observing, were taken aback. They stared at Kai in bafflement, unable to understand why Kai could still unleash such astonishing power after consuming the Weakening Pill.
Ali, Emily, and Hefe brandished their weapons, vigilantly guarding Percy.

All of them exuded an aura. At that sight, those villagers who were being chased by the bloodthirsty beast immediately flocked toward Kai and his party, hoping to receive their protection.
“Francois, your Weakening Pills aren’t expired, are they? Why are they completely ineffective?” Chev asked.
Francois was also astounded at that moment. He couldn’t fathom why Kai and the others could still give off such a formidable aura and strength after eating the Weakening Pills.
Just then, the bloodthirsty beast, whose tentacles had been severed, let out roars, and the ground began to shake violently.
Everyone was scared out of their wits when they felt the great tremor. Some even fell to the ground in fear. Now that their abilities had dissipated, they were no different from ordinary people.

Ali, Percy, and the others were also apprehensive. They shuddered as they knew the bloodthirsty beast was enraged and was about to charge out of the ground.
“Ali, you guys step back. Keep Emily and Percy safe!” Kai hurriedly shouted.

With his current strength, there was no way he could deal with the bloodthirsty beast. He couldn’t protect Ali and the others, let alone the rest of the villagers.
Ali and Hefe quickly retreated with Emily and Percy, creating some distance. The other villagers wanted to flee along with them, but the shaking ground made it difficult for them to move.
With a rumbling sound, a huge creature rushed out from the ground. Everyone who saw the creature screamed in fright. Even Francois’ and Chev’s faces turned pale at that sight.

The bloodthirsty beast was over ten meters tall. Its entire body was covered in scales, and a dozen tentacles flailed on the upper part of its body.
However, the bloodthirsty beast seemed to lack a head, without visible eyes or mouth. Those tentacles appeared to serve as its eyes and mouth.
It used those tentacles to sense its enemies’ location and absorb blood to nourish itself.

Taking in the bloodthirsty beast’s terrifying appearance, Percy said with a trembling voice, “This bloodthirsty beast looks so scary…”
Right then, the bloodthirsty beast’s dozen or so tentacles shot toward Kai like razor-sharp swords that interweave into a large net as if intending to envelop him.

Kai moved backward continuously, dodging the attacks of the bloodthirsty beast.
The bloodthirsty beast’s tentacles failed to grasp Kai but grabbed the villagers who had already collapsed on the ground and began sucking their blood.
Agonized screams echoed in the air, but Kai dared not sympathize with the villagers. He was facing trouble surviving himself.

Still, the distraction gave Kai a little time to escape.
“Run! Run quickly!” Kai shouted frantically at Ali and the others.
Facing the bloodthirsty beast with such overwhelming strength, Kai knew he had no chance of winning. If the fight dragged on, he would eventually become the beast’s food.

Ali and his party desperately ran toward the depths of the scorched land. Kai also ran for his life without looking back.
“Oh no! They are running inside. The Grus Divina will be theirs!” Francois grimaced.

“Francois, let’s stop them at once. We can’t let them harvest the Grus Divina!” Brutus said anxiously.


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