The Mans Decree Chapter 2545

Chapter 2545 You Must Die

Francois and Brutus leaped up the next instant and pursued Kai. Now that the bloodthirsty beast was savoring its food, it couldn’t spare any time to deal with others.
Seeing that, Chev also led his group and gave chase. He was considered Francois’ partner now, and if they didn’t work together, they would likely become meals for the bloodthirsty beast.

Kai, who was fleeing with all his might, sensed several presences closing in from behind. When he looked back, he was surprised to find Francois’ group pursuing him.
Kai knew those people must be afraid he would harvest the Grus Divina, so they took the risk to chase after him despite the danger.
Kai was confident he could shake off Francois and the others, but the same couldn’t be said for Ali, Percy, and the rest. At the speed they were traveling, Francois and his party would eventually catch up with them.

“Ali, hurry up and run. Don’t look back, and don’t stop,” Kai reminded Ali, then he slowed down and came to a halt.
He decided to stay behind to stall Francois and the others, buying time for Ali, Emily, and the rest to escape.
Francois and Brutus were puzzled to see Kai stop running and even voluntarily stand still.

“Why aren’t you running?” Brutus asked curiously while gazing at Kai.
Kai curled his lips and said contemptuously, “I had to flee for my life when facing the bloodthirsty beast, but why should I run from you? With your capabilities, all of you are as insignificant as ants to me.”

If Kai could regain his peak strength, Francois and Brutus would indeed be as insignificant as ants to him. He wouldn’t even bother sparing them a glance.
Even if Kai hadn’t recovered, he could still regard Brutus and the others with disdain if the sword spirit had recovered.
Francois and Brutus were slightly dazed at Kai’s remark. They didn’t expect Kai to utter such audacious words.

After all, Kai was a mere villager to them.
“Hahaha! Francois, where did you find this oddity? Even a lowly peasant like him pours scorn on Emerald Cauldron Sect. It seems Emerald Cauldron Sect has truly declined!” Chev arrived in time to hear Kai’s words and burst out laughing.
Francois and Brutus were beside themselves with rage, listening to Chev’s mockery. Emerald Cauldron Sect and the Nesser family had grudges in the first place, and now that Kai was putting them to shame in front of Chev, the duo could hardly contain their anger.

“Brat, I’ll let you suffer a fate worse than death today!” Brutus lurched forward, thrusting his arm at Kai’s head.
Kai was relieved to see Brutus attacking him. Although Brutus was relatively strong, it wouldn’t be easy for him to defeat Kai.

As long as Francois didn’t interfere, Kai was certain he could eliminate Brutus.
The moment Brutus made his move, Kai swung Percy’s sword. The blade’s glint sliced through the air.
“Brutus, retreat at once!”

The instant Kai launched his attack, Francois immediately realized the terrifying power of Kai’s strike. He knew Brutus stood no chance against the hit and was bound to suffer a loss, especially since the latter was unarmed.
Despite Francois’ warning, Brutus was a little slow to react. By the time he fell back and retracted his arm, the blade glint had already scraped his arm.

Brutus’ arm was cut, and blood soaked through his clothes and gushed out. Seeing that he had been injured by Kai, Brutus was caught in utter disbelief.
Francois took out some powder and sprinkled it onto Brutus’ wound. In no time, the bleeding stopped.
“Brat, you must die today!” Brutus gritted his teeth, his chest heaving with rage.


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