The Mans Decree Chapter 2546

Chapter 2546 Join Forces
The whole time, Brutus had regarded Kai as a lowly villager from the mountains, never taking the latter seriously. However, he was wounded by Kai now, not to mention in front of everyone. That was a humiliation Brutus couldn’t stand.
He was about to attack Kai again but was stopped by Francois.
“Brat, can you tell me how you still have your strength after consuming my pill?” Francois asked, noticing Kai wasn’t as simple as he seemed.
“Are you talking about that Weakening Pill?” Kai sneered. “Such a low-grade pill has no effect on me.”

Kai wasn’t boasting. If his capabilities were fully restored, that Weakening Pill would indeed be useless on him.

Hearing that, Francois furrowed his brows. “You’re an alchemist too?”
“I only know a bit of the basics, but even the limited knowledge I have is a hundred times more extensive than yours,” Kai mocked with a disdainful look.
At that point, even Francois was at the limit of his patience. Kai had repeatedly insulted him in front of Chev, causing him to feel humiliated.
“I’d like to see how you’re a hundred times more competent than I am!” After Francois finished his sentence, a silver light shot out from his hand, traveling at extreme speed like a shooting star.

Meanwhile, Leifr and a girl were observing the fight not far away.

Leifr tensed up and was ready to lend Kai a helping hand when he saw Francois attacking Kai.

After all, in Leifr’s opinion, Kai was not Francois’ match.

Unexpectedly, just as Leifr was about to interfere, he was halted by the girl next to him.
“Stop. This is certainly not the extent of his abilities. His powers seem to be suppressed, or maybe he’s injured and hasn’t fully recovered.” The girl riveted her eyes on Kai, capturing every move he made.
Meanwhile, Kai skillfully dodged Francois’ incoming attack, then swiftly stepped backward.
The only reason Kai had stopped running was to buy time for Ali and the rest. Now that they had already run far, there was no need for him to continue fighting.

Besides, Kai didn’t have the confidence to win against Francois in a duel.

Francois sensed Kai’s intent to flee, so he leaped forward at once, trying to stop the latter.

However, the moment Francois jumped, a tentacle wrapped around his body, making him fall from the sky.

After feeding on the villagers’ blood, the bloodthirsty beast dashed over and went on the offensive.
The colors drained from Francois’ face in shock. The blade in his hand gleamed as he swung the sword and cut off the tentacle.
Kai seized that opportunity to escape, disappearing without a trace.
When Francois wanted to give chase again, the bloodthirsty beast engaged him in a fight.
“Let’s join forces to kill this bloodthirsty beast!” Francois gave up pursuing Kai and focused all his energy on dealing with the bloodthirsty beast.

Brutus, Chev, and the others also brandished their weapons and joined the fray to attack the bloodthirsty beast.

As the bloodthirsty beast had fed on the blood of the villagers who had consumed the Weakening Pill, the pills’ effect began to affect the beast’s body, giving Francois and his party a chance to fight it.

Without the Weakening Pills exerting their effect on the bloodthirsty beast, Francois and the others would have been no match for it.

Kai ignored the fighting and ran away without sparing a glance behind him.
Soon, Kai caught up with Ali and the rest. At that moment, they were resting on a large rock.
In truth, they weren’t tired. Instead, they were worried about Kai and decided to wait for him there.
Everyone was delighted to see Kai safely catching up with them.
Percy and Emily hurriedly approached him and asked concernedly, “Are you all right, Kai?”


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