The Mans Decree Chapter 2547

Chapter 2547 Harvesting Grus Divina
“I’m fine. Fortunately, the bloodthirsty beast is keeping Francois and the others busy, allowing me to escape. Let’s hurry. I don’t think the beast can hold on for much longer.” Kai immediately led Ali and the rest forward after saying that.
As Kai and his party ventured deeper, they could feel the divine power around them become increasingly potent.

Sensing the aura change, Ali asked, “What an intense aura! Could Grus Divina be right up ahead?”

“We should be nearing where Grus Divina is located. Let’s move faster!” Kai eagerly picked up his pace.

A few minutes later, they saw a patch of green vegetation growing on a charred black landscape. The thriving plant was in stark contrast to its barren surroundings.

“Grus Divina! That must be Grus Divina, right?” Percy exclaimed excitedly at the sight of the green plant.

Upon closer inspection, Kai found Grus Divina quite ordinary, standing only half a meter tall with five leaves. If Grus Divina were to grow among other plants, one might not recognize it as a mystical herb.

However, a faint white glow pulsated on the leaves of Grus Divina, and a light mist encircled it. Sunlight illuminated the mist, creating a multi-colored brilliance.

“Is this the mystical herb?” Hefe gazed at Grus Divina in astonishment. “I’ve heard the elders in the village say that if one could acquire a mystical herb and refine it into a pill, it could greatly enhance one’s abilities.”

Ali and the others also looked at Grus Divina and chatted animatedly. Their faces beamed with joy.

However, Kai stared intently and solemnly at Grus Divina.

Grus Divina was indeed something valuable. With it, Kai reckoned he might even be able to recover his powers faster.
Nevertheless, he knew his current abilities were not sufficient to refine such a mystical herb. If he refined it by force, the plant might end up getting destroyed.
Conversely, if Kai didn’t refine Grus Divina but carried it around, the mystical herb would undoubtedly be a ticking time bomb. He figured he would never be able to recuperate in peace afterward.
After some hesitation, Kai carefully reached out and harvested Grus Divina, then put it away in his Storage Ring. “I’ll leave what happens up to fate. What’s the point in worrying so much?”
His eyes shone with newfound determination after he stowed away Grus Divina.
“Kai, let’s go. Those people will catch up soon,” Emily urged upon seeing Kai had picked Grus Divina.
Kai nodded. “All right. Let’s go.”
The group swiftly crossed the charred land. Their tension eased considerably once they stepped onto a lush green meadow.

Not long after they left, Brutus and Francois arrived in haste. Noticing Grus Divina was gone, they instantly exploded with rage and cursed loudly.

“I’m going to find that guy and tear him to pieces for daring to pick my Grus Divina!” Francois roared in fury.

Brutus was also incensed. With Grus Divina gone and Kai and the others disappearing without a trace, their journey seemed in vain.

“Francois, what should we do next? We didn’t get Grus Divina and wasted so many pills killing the bloodthirsty beast earlier. We’ve suffered a huge loss. Master will surely blame us!” Brutus said to Francois.

Francois furrowed his brows and contemplated briefly. “Let’s go back. Even though we couldn’t acquire Grus Divina, the bloodthirsty beast’s body will also have many treasures.”
With that, Francois and Brutus hurried back. Meanwhile, Chev and his team were beginning to dissect the carcass of the bloodthirsty beast.


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