The Mans Decree Chapter 2550

Chapter 2550 Imperial Beast City
A look of dejection filled Hefe’s expression. Initially, he agreed to help Brutus collect herbs because he wanted to avenge his fellow villagers.
Seeing how things had turned out, he couldn’t help but feel there was no hope of getting revenge.

Kai could tell what was on Hefe’s mind, so he patted the latter’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. As long as I’m still alive, I’ll wipe out Cyan Village one day. When that day comes, I’ll be sure to bring you along with me.”

Upon hearing that, Hefe gazed at Kai and nodded solemnly. Although I’ve only just met Kai, I know I can trust him. After all, I know how capable he is.

Emily and Percy said goodbye to Kai reluctantly. In response, Kai repeatedly reminded them to stay alert.
Dangers were always around the corner in the mountain range. Furthermore, Kai didn’t know if Leifr would attack Ali and the rest.
“Don’t worry about your friends. They’ll be safe and sound!” Ivasha assured Kai. With that, she turned toward Leifr and uttered, “Leifr, if something bad happens to them, I’ll never take you back!”
“Don’t worry, Princess Ivasha. I promise to keep them safe!” Leifr promised.

Shortly after, Kai and Ivasha were left alone in the enormous mountain range after Leifr escorted Ali and the rest out of there.

“Let’s go…” Ivasha said to Kai.

“Where are we going? Didn’t you say you wanted to talk?” Kai was confused.

“You’re right. I want to talk to you, but this is not the right place. As for where we’re going, you’ll know when we get there!” Ivasha headed straight ahead.

Seeing that, Kai had no choice but to follow after her.
The pair walked for a few hours in silence, Ivasha in front with Kai at the back. A few hours later, Kai felt the sudden change in the aura fluctuation in the surroundings.
Meanwhile, the mist in the forest suddenly intensified and blurred Kai’s vision.
Ivasha, who was leading the way, immediately released her aura and said, “Follow my aura. Don’t get lost in here.”

Kai nodded and used Ivasha’s aura as a guide in the misty forest.

The mist gradually dissipated after they walked for a distance, and Kai could finally see the surroundings.

The moment the mist cleared up, Kai was stupefied as a magnificent-looking city appeared in his sight.

The crimson glow of the setting sun fell on the walls, adding a mysterious air to the city.

“W-What is this place?” Kai exclaimed in shock and disbelief.

“This is my home.” Ivasha smiled faintly.
“Home?” Kai was stunned. Who would’ve known this city in the deepest part of the mountain range would be Princess Ivasha’s home? Wait… Since Princess Ivasha is also a demon beast, I guess it’s only logical for her to reside in the mountains.

Kai followed Ivasha toward the city entrance and saw the guards dropping to their knees with their heads lowered when Ivasha showed up.
Ivasha paid the guards no heed and entered the city.
As Kai followed behind and enjoyed the respectful treatment, he asked Ivasha, “If this city is your home, does that mean your father is the king?”

Ivasha nodded. “That’s right. My father is King Yuven.”

Kai gasped when he heard that. Princess Ivasha’s father is indeed a king! Although I don’t know what cultivation level a king in the Ethereal Realm will possess, I’m sure it’s higher than I can ever imagine.


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