The Mans Decree Chapter 2553

Chapter 2553 The Library Of The Imperial Beast City
“You’re probably unaware of this, but the beast race is forbidden from marrying humans. Even if such a union were to occur, they would be unable to bear children. In Imperial Beast City, many have formed emotional bonds with humans, but in the end, not a single couple succeeded in conceiving. That’s why we’ve always believed that forming a bond with humans was a violation of the laws of nature. The fact that they can’t conceive is the punishment. But after learning about you, I want to know how you were born and how your parents managed to avoid such punishment,” Ivasha explained further.

Upon hearing this, Kai was taken aback. He had never known about such a rule that forbade the beast race from marrying humans, and the fact that such unions could not bear children puzzled him greatly. Does that mean my union with Feenix is against the laws of nature too?

“I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to your question, Your Highness. I have no idea about my own situation at all,” Kai responded with a wry grin.

He had not even met his father, so he was clueless about his birth.

“It’s all right. When my father returns, he might be able to shed some light on the matter. Do stay here for the night,” Ivasha said before leaving.
Kai decided not to consume the Revitalize Essence Pill for the time being. While Ivasha seemed trustworthy, he did not have enough power to discern the ingredients of such a high-level pill with his current capabilities. He did not want to risk eating it without understanding its effects. Hence, he placed the pill in his Storage Ring for safekeeping.

He opened the window of the room, revealing a view of Imperial Beast City. The entire city was brightly illuminated with lights.
After observing from the window for a while, he decided to leave the room to explore the city further.

The presence of guards was not too imposing, indicating a perceived sense of safety within the city.

As Kai wandered without a specific destination, he absorbed the unique atmosphere of that exotic imperial city.
As he passed by one room, a faint scent of sandalwood enticed him to push open the door and enter.

Inside, he discovered a small library adorned with two wooden bookshelves that showcased an array of books.

Kai picked up one book and began flipping through its pages, only to find that the text was written in the language of the beast race, entirely different from the ones he knew as a human.
He attempted to read several other books, but they all presented the same enigmatic script, leaving Kai perplexed. “What kind of characters are these? I can’t even read a single thing.”
Kai had no choice but to put the books back in their places, preparing to leave the library.

However, Kai soon came to a halt as if he had recalled something important.

He picked up a book, but this time, he decided not to read it with his eyes. Instead, he gently caressed the book and wrapped his spiritual sense around it.

In an instant, the pages of the Wordless Tome emitted a soft glow as its contents flowed into his memory like a gentle stream.

Within moments, the once unintelligible text became imprinted in his mind, every word memorized with precision.

A smile of satisfaction crept onto Kai’s face. He effortlessly returned the book to its original position and reached for another, ready to employ the same technique once more.

There were countless volumes of books in the library, and if Kai could absorb the knowledge from each one, his understanding of the beast race would undoubtedly deepen significantly.
However, just as he was about to delve into another book, the library’s door was suddenly flung open, and a group of golden-armored warriors rushed in.

“How dare you trespass into the library of the imperial palace! Are you tired of living?” roared a golden-armored Tigerus, his anger palpable upon seeing Kai perusing the tomes.


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