The Mans Decree Chapter 2554

Chapter 2554 Ulterior Motive

This was Imperial Beast City, the territory of the beast race. It was bad enough that Kai, a human, was brought there, yet he even dared to sneak into the imperial library in the middle of the night!

“Don’t misunderstand. I was just—”

When Kai saw Tigerus, he wanted to explain, but before he could finish his sentence, the latter swung his sword at him.

Kai had no choice but to throw the book at Tigerus and attempt to escape.

“Think you can run? If I let you go, then I, as the general of the royal guards, would be unworthy of my title!” Seeing Kai trying to flee, Tigerus roared angrily and charged at Kai with his sword again.

Tigerus harbored prejudice against Kai. He didn’t like humans and thought they were too cunning.

Unfortunately, Ivasha had a soft spot for humans. She was always hoping she could marry one and have a human husband.

However, because the beast and human races couldn’t intermarry, Ivasha had to restrain herself.

When Tigerus saw Ivasha walking side by side with Kai, laughing and chatting, he was beside himself with rage.

Therefore, upon discovering Kai had sneaked into the imperial library and browsed the books inside, he immediately found an excuse to teach Kai a lesson.

Tigerus was ruthless in his attacks, seemingly intent on killing Kai.
With his strength not fully recovered, Kai was no match for Tigerus. Seeing the latter’s ferocious strikes and lethal moves, Kai could only rely on his agility to dodge constantly.

Tigerus swung his sword toward Kai’s face, the spine-chilling and razor-sharp blade rapidly approaching Kai.

Kai wanted to dodge, but Tigerus was too fast that time, rendering Kai unable to evade the attack.

At that point, Kai could only grit his teeth. His body shone with golden light as he activated Golem Body. Instantaneously, dazzling golden scales covered his entire figure.

Crossing his arms, Kai blocked Tigerus’ attack.

However, the enormous force threw him back, and he fell heavily to the ground. Golem Body shattered in an instant and dissipated in a flash of golden light.

Blood trickled down the corner of Kai’s mouth. The difference in strength between him and Tigerus was insurmountable. Even with Golem Body’s protection, he was still injured.

“I didn’t expect you, a mere human, to have this golden protective armor. It seems you’re not a simple person. You must’ve come to Imperial Beast City with an ulterior motive! I’ll kill you today! Let’s see how you can still plot against our city if you’re dead!”
After saying that, Tigerus brought his blade down on Kai again.
In the face of Tigerus’ formidable move, Kai could only close his eyes in resignation. He knew he could not withstand that blow.
However, just as Tigerus’ sword was about to hit Kai, a flash of light suddenly flickered and struck the blade.

Tigerus jerked at the impact and staggered a few steps back.

“Tigerus, how dare you attack my guest?” Ivasha stormed over angrily with Julius by her side.

The person who saved Kai a moment ago was Julius.

“Are you all right, Kai?” Ivasha stepped forward to help Kai up from the floor.
He chuckled wryly and shook his head.
At that moment, he felt utterly helpless. If it weren’t because he hadn’t fully recovered his abilities, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a pathetic state while fighting against Tigerus.
“Princess Ivasha, this punk sneaked into King Yuven’s imperial library and was caught red-handed by me while he was secretly reading King Yuven’s book collection. I’ve said this early on—humans are cunning and untrustworthy. He must harbor ulterior motives for reading King Yuven’s books!” Tigerus loudly declared to Ivasha.
Hearing that, Ivasha turned to gaze at Kai in slight astonishment with a questioning look in her eyes.

“Princess Ivasha, I was just feeling too bored in my room and wanted to take a stroll. I ended up wandering here and browsed through the books inside. You were the one who brought me here forcefully, so what ulterior motives could I possibly have?” That was the only explanation Kai could come up with to defend himself.


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