The Mans Decree Chapter 2555

Chapter 2555 Kindness
Still, Kai’s explanation seemed a bit far-fetched. As a result, Ivasha remained slightly unconvinced.
“Princess Ivasha, the books in this imperial library are written in the beast race’s language, so a human wouldn’t be able to understand the text,” Julius, standing at one side, reminded in an undertone at that moment.
Clarity washed over Ivasha after she heard that. Then, she smiled and said, “I believe you entered here by accident. Hurry up and go back to rest now. Stop wandering around.”

“Thank you, Princess Ivasha.” Kai nodded, then left.

Tigerus glared at Kai’s retreating figure from behind.

“Princess Ivasha, that guy is obviously a bad person! Humans are deceitful and always commit heinous acts. You can’t continue to mingle so closely with them!” Tigerus said to Ivasha.

Ivasha knitted her brows and narrowed her eyes. “Tigerus, are you lecturing me?”

“I dare not.” Sensing Ivasha’s wrath, Tigerus lowered his head.
“Mind your place!” Ivasha’s expression was chilly as she ordered, “Take your men and leave.”
Subsequently, Tigerus kept quiet and left with his subordinates.
Following Tigerus’ departure, Julius uttered to Ivasha, “Princess Ivasha, although Kai doesn’t seem powerful and poses no threat to Imperial Beast City, I still think it’s better not to let him stay here for too long.”

“Okay. After Father is back and meets with Kai, I’ll send him away at once. But I’m not sure if Father will be back tomorrow. He left in such a hurry. I wonder if he had something urgent to deal with,” Ivasha responded while bobbing her head.

“Princess Ivasha, King Yuven left the city to help me hire a famous alchemist for my daughter. He’ll be back tomorrow,” Julius replied.

Ivasha was momentarily dazed after hearing that. Then, she chirped to Julius, “Okay. Rest early and stop worrying, Mr. Poulsen. Since Father is attending to this matter in person, I believe he’ll be able to find a highly-skilled alchemist to treat your daughter’s condition.”

“I’ll never forget the kindness King Yuven and you have shown me, Princess Ivasha.” Tears brimmed in Julius’ eyes.
His daughter had fallen ill with a strange disease and became bedridden. He had sought help from many alchemists, but none was able to cure his daughter.
Julius felt utterly grateful now that Yuven had personally gone to find an alchemist.
After Julius left, Ivasha remained rooted to her spot. She turned to look in a certain direction and said somewhat angrily, “Come out! I trusted you and let you go, but I can’t believe you came back here.”

The moment she finished her sentence, Kai slowly emerged from a dark corner. An embarrassed look spread across his countenance.

He did leave the place earlier, but he was too curious to learn about the beast race, so he secretly retraced his steps back to the imperial library.

Kai had read one of the beast race’s books, which revealed some information previously unknown to him. However, that book disclosed to him only the tip of the iceberg of details related to the beast race.
He was eager to know more, so he planned to return to the imperial library and read a few more books. Unexpectedly, Ivasha discovered him.
“Princess Ivasha, I’m simply very curious about the beast race, so I wanted to learn more about you. I assure you I mean no harm,” Kai uttered with utmost sincerity.

Back in the mundane world, all he ever encountered were untransformed demon beasts, so beast race culture was non-existent.

On the contrary, here in the Ethereal Realm, the beast race was developed. Like humans, they possessed their own culture and philosophies and even built their own city. That further aroused Kai’s inquisitiveness to gain a better understanding of the beast race.

“I don’t care if you’re genuinely curious or harboring ulterior motives. If I see you stepping out of your room again, don’t blame me for not showing you mercy!” Ivasha’s eyes gleamed with a hint of murderous intent.


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