The Mans Decree Chapter 2556

Chapter 2556 Talk About It Later
Sensing Ivasha’s murderous intent, Kai had no choice but to leave and return to his room.
As he lay down on the bed, he digested the contents he had read in the book about the beast race earlier. Without realizing it, he fell asleep.

The next morning, a sedan chair gilded in gold was slowly brought into the city.

When those in the city saw the sedan chair, they all shifted to stand by the side of the road in rows as they stared at the sedan chair with reverence.
The one who was sitting inside the sedan chair was none other than the highest person in charge of the city—the king, Yuven.
There was also another sedan chair behind Yuven’s that looked equally grand.

Inside that sedan chair was an elderly man who had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the royal treatment.
“Who’s in that sedan chair behind? Why do they have the right to be in a sedan chair as magnificent as King Yuven’s?”
“This must be King Yuven’s esteemed guest. Didn’t you see King Yuven heading out of the city yesterday to welcome them?”
“I heard that King Yuven had gone out to invite an alchemist. Could an alchemist be inside that sedan chair?”

“How capable must the alchemist be to have the right to be in that sedan chair and to have King Yuven invite them to the city himself?”

The people on the streets were guessing the identity of the mysterious person in the second sedan chair.
Once the sedan chair entered the palace, Yuven invited the elderly man out of the vehicle.
“Mr. Holt, this way, please.”
Yuven was exceptionally humble in his tone and behavior.
On the other hand, the elderly man was acting all high and mighty. With his chin jutted into the air proudly, he stepped out of the sedan chair.
Julius, who was already waiting to welcome Hosen in the palace, was so excited that he began to tremble when he saw the man who stepped out of the sedan chair.

“Oh, my dear daughter, there’s hope for you now…” Julius muttered under his breath.

At the same time, Julius was moved by Yuven’s humble demeanor. After all, despite being the king, Yuven had lowered himself to save his daughter.

Julius swore to himself that he was going to repay Yuven’s kindness with his life.


When Ivasha saw that her father had returned, she ran over to him.
Ivasha was eager to let her father meet Kai. If she could remove the restriction on interracial marriage, she would be able to be in a relationship with a human.

“Ivasha, this is Mr. Holt of the Emerald Cauldron Sect. It is our honor to have Mr. Holt come to our Imperial Beast City. Once you have the chance later, do speak with Mr. Holt so that he can create a few pills for preserving your appearance. That way, you won’t complain that you’re aging that quickly anymore,” Yuven said to his daughter as he gazed at her lovingly.
Hearing that, Ivasha hastily bowed toward Hosen, greeting, “Mr. Holt.”
“Mm.” Hosen still had his head tilted up in a pompous posture.

Ivasha was a little displeased with Hosen’s attitude, but at the end of the day, Hosen was someone her father had hired, so she had to keep her remarks to herself.

“Father, I have to you to talk to you about something. I’ve brought someone here, hoping that you’ll—”

Ivasha was hoping to ask her father to meet Kai, but before she could finish her sentence, Yuven waved his hand dismissively and said, “I’m heading off with Mr. Holt to handle official business first. We’ll talk about your matter later.”

With that said, Yuven led Hosen toward the inside of the palace with Julius keenly following them.
Yuven brought Hosen straight to Julius’ daughter’s room. The second the door was pushed open, the medicinal scent that filled the room escaped and wafted across their noses.
A thin and pale-faced girl was lying on the bed in the room, her eyes shut.
Her breathing was weak, and it was as if she would pass on at any time.

“Mr. Holt, this is Mr. Poulsen’s daughter. We’ve hired several alchemists, but none has been able to cure her. Please, Mr. Holt, have a look at her,” Yuven pleaded.


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