The Mans Decree Chapter 2558

Chapter 2558 Taken Aback
Meanwhile, Ivasha was in Kai’s room, and Kai was a little nervous.
Ivasha, Julius, and Tigerus were all mighty individuals, so Yuven would certainly be even more powerful.

Kai had no idea what kind of character Yuven was. Moreover, with his current situation, killing him would be a piece of cake for the king.

Noticing Kai’s anxiety, Ivasha consoled, “Don’t be afraid. My father is an easy-going and mild-mannered man. You’ll know that I’m telling the truth when you meet him. However, my father hates it when people lie to him, so just be honest when you see him later.”
Kai nodded, but he was still uneasy.
Soon, the door was opened, and Julius entered the room with Yuven.

“Father.” When Ivasha saw Yuven, she quickly approached him. “Father, this is the man I wanted you to meet. His name is Kai Chance.”

Yuven did not speak. He had sensed the peculiar celestial beast aura even when he was outside of the room.
It was strange to him because not only did he sense the aura of a dragon, but he also sensed the aura of a phoenix. It confused him to sense both auras on a person at the same time.
Thus, the second Yuven entered the room, he set his gaze on Kai.

Kai could sense Yuven’s studying gaze. Although his heart was racing, he made himself meet Yuven’s eyes.

He had decided to go all out. At most, he would face death. Even if he was afraid, nothing at the moment could be changed.

A moment of staring later, Yuven shifted his gaze downward to observe the rest of the man.
However, when Yuven’s gaze landed on the Dragon Ring on Kai’s finger, he paled and started to shake.
“Father, what’s the matter?”

“King Yuven, are you all right?”

Both Ivasha and Julius could see Yuven trembling, so they quickly voiced their concern.
Yuven then took in a deep breath to control his trembling before saying, “The two of you, leave the room. I need to speak with this person.”
“Father, I brought him here. I just wanted to show you how he has our race’s aura, so please don’t kill him…”

Ivasha was terrified that her father would kill Kai once she stepped out of the room.

“Out!” Yuven sternly ordered.

Ivasha froze. Her father had never spoken to her in that tone before.

“Princess Ivasha, let’s go out.”

Julius had no idea what had gotten into Yuven, but he promptly towed the princess out.

Right as Ivasha and Julius went out, Yuven waved his hand and made a beam of light close the doors and the windows of the room.

Kai’s heart sank. He knew not what the king was about to do to him.

Then again, regardless of whether he knew or not, he was not powerful enough to defend himself at the moment.

Just as Kai steeled himself for the worst-case scenario, Yuven suddenly kneeled before him.

“My Lord, I, Yuven, welcome you to the city with open arms!”
As he said that, he moved to a position of prostration.
Now, it was Kai’s turn to be stunned. Nonetheless, he came to his senses quickly enough. Yuven has to be a member of Dragon Sect, and Imperial Beast City must be one of the regiments of Dragon Sect.
Kai never expected such a big and impressive regiment like this—it was an entire city!

Kai was taken aback by Yuven’s demeanor, and he stumbled over his words as he asked Yuven to rise.


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