The Mans Decree Chapter 2559

Chapter 2559 Three Kings and Four Archons

Yuven was evidently excited as he stood by Kai’s side.

“My Lord, I’ve been waiting for you for years. I never thought that you’d actually come!” he exclaimed.

“U-Um, you’re King Yuven, right?”

The gears in Kai’s mind could barely turn quickly enough.

He never thought that a king of a beast race would be his subordinate and that the Imperial Beast City would be part of his Dragon Sect’s regiment. If that were the case, why would he still need to fear anything in Ethereal Realm?

Kai never expected that Dragon Sect would have a regiment in Ethereal Realm. Now, he was getting more and more interested in the father he had never met.

He wanted to find out who in the world was his father to have been able to establish a sect like Dragon Sect.
Dragon Sect had thirteen regiments, but only seven had appeared, and Kai was already at Ethereal Realm. There were still a few regiments he had yet to find, so he could not help but wonder if there was a regiment in the Immortal Realm as well.
With that thought in mind, he became elated. At this rate, he was going to rule over the immortals.
“My Lord, you can just call me Yuven. I dare not claim kingship before you,” Yuven humbly told him.

“It doesn’t matter. I should continue referring to you as King Yuven. I don’t wish for others to find out about my identity as the overlord of Dragon Sect anyway, so please call me Mr. Chance,” Kai replied.

“Understood.” Yuven nodded.
Kai then proceeded to ask, “I don’t quite understand the beast race of Ethereal Realm. Can you explain it to me? Do you rule over all of the beast races in Ethereal Realm?”
Upon hearing that, Yuven gave him a sheepish smile and said, “My Lord, there are three kings and four archons among Ethereal Realm’s beast races. Each of them has their own territory and cities. I only rule over the beast races within my region. As for the beast races in the other regions, I have no power over them.”

Kai stiffened when he registered Yuven’s words. He never thought that the beast race would have so many leaders among them. It was almost as if they were separated into groups, just like the human clans.

“Does that mean the beast race is just like humans with their various alliances?” Kai queried.
“Yes. We have fights and periodical competitions to compete for resources for our own cities. We’re not much different from the humans,” Yuven explained with a weak smile.
“It looks like neither Demonic Cultivators nor beast cultivators can escape greed and the desire for more power. You’ve been in Ethereal Realm for a long while, so do tell me what’s going on in here.”

Kai was asking Yuven to tell him more about Ethereal Realm, for he knew little about the place.
All he knew was that Ethereal Realm had humans, beasts, and demons, but what situation they were in was knowledge not known to him.

“My Lord, do you not come from Ethereal Realm?” Yuven asked in surprise.
Kai shook his head. “I come from the mundane world, so I know little about Ethereal Realm.”
Then, Kai briefly told Yuven about his experiences.
Kai had absolute trust in his Dragon Sect’s subordinate’s regiment. Every regiment that he had come across so far was undyingly loyal to Kai and would lay down their lives for him without batting a lash.
Therefore, Kai told Yuven about how he was grievously injured and had yet to recover.
“No wonder I sensed something off about your aura. It’s shocking to find that you were able to survive that perilous moment!” Yuven expressed his astonishment after hearing Kai’s story.

“Maybe I wasn’t destined to die yet,” said Kai with a self-deprecating laugh. He then continued, “Tell me, with your current power and the Imperial Beast City you rule over, what position do you hold in Ethereal Realm? Are you invincible?”


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