The Mans Decree Chapter 2562

Chapter 2562 A Distinguished Guest
The sight of the corpse lying at the center of the plaza brought the villagers untold grief. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do other than return to their respective homes.
“Are you all right, Emily?” Ira inquired the moment Emily returned.

“I’m fine, Grandma. B-But Mr. Lancet was beaten to death by them…”
While speaking, Emily burst into tears.
“All that matters is that you’re unharmed. From the moment Kai stepped into the village, I knew that trouble wouldn’t be far behind. As for the bow, you had better hide it well and not let anyone see it,” Ira reminded.
“I know, Grandma.”

Emily nodded in response.

At that moment, Rock Village was gripped by fear, for no one knew who would be the next to die.

All they could do was hope Ali brought Kai back as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Kai was still focused on regaining his strength at Imperial Beast City, entirely oblivious to the calamity that had descended upon Rock Village.
If only he had known about it, he would’ve rushed over without a second thought.
After all, the villagers had not only been nice to him but also saved his life before.
Three days later, Kai had exhausted the supply of pills in Imperial Beast City. Even so, he had only recovered seventy percent of his strength. Given how overwhelmingly powerful his body was, the amount of resources needed to restore it was unimaginably huge.
If Yuven were to learn that all the pills in the city were not enough to help Kai recover to his fullest, he would definitely gape in disbelief.

Nevertheless, Kai’s current condition would allow him to hold his own against anyone whose level was below Body Fusion Realm.

After three full days of cultivation, Kai emerged from the room wanting to get some fresh air.

“Mr. Chance…”

No sooner had he walked out than Julius came up to him.

It turned out that the latter had been keeping watch outside Kai’s door, ready to fulfill any request Kai had.

Having received orders from Yuven, Julius didn’t dare treat the matter lightly.

“Mr. Poulsen, what are you doing here?”
Kai was surprised to see Julius outside and assumed that the latter was there to see him.
“Mr. Chance, I was ordered by King Yuven to station myself here in case you needed anything. Do let me know if you have any requests,” Julius suggested warily.
“I was just about to go on a walk out of boredom,” Kai replied with a smile. “You should get back to whatever you need to do.”

“Mr. Chance, since you’re unfamiliar with the place, why don’t I show you around?”

Julius didn’t dare leave because Yuven had ordered him to stay by Kai’s side.
“Sure, why not.”

Kai nodded, well aware that he didn’t know Imperial Beast City well. It would also be troublesome if he were to be stopped for questioning.

Julius proceeded to give Kai a tour of Imperial Beast City. He even played the role of a tour guide by sharing with Kai the city’s rich history.
Kai subsequently learned that Imperial Beast City was established more than a thousand years ago, while Yuven was the fourth generation of rulers that reigned over the city.
However, just as Julius led Kai to the gardens at the back to admire the scenery, an agonized scream was heard, followed by the sobs of a young woman.
The sound triggered a furrow of Kai’s brow as he attempted to head toward its source. However, Julius—whose expression darkened upon hearing it—quickly stopped him. “Mr. Chance, a distinguished guest of King Yuven is inside. It would be wise for us not to interrupt.”

Julius knew that Hosen of Emerald Cauldron Sect was behind the door, hence the desire to keep Kai away.

“A distinguished guest?” A grim look descended upon Kai’s face. “What sort of distinguished guest would abuse a young woman?”
Kai could immediately tell from the scream that she was being tortured.


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