The Mans Decree Chapter 2564

Chapter 2564 Wipe Them Out At Any Time

Kai would never allow such a situation to happen in his regiment, no matter what kind of distinguished guest Hosen was!
Since Imperial Beast City was one of Dragon Sect’s regiments, its people could be considered his subordinates. Hence, he would not stand by idly and watch them get bullied!
Yuven’s face flushed red after Kai lambasted him. Meanwhile, Julius stared at the latter in utter shock. No one in the city dares to speak to King Yuven like that! Not even Mr. Holt, whom we have sought help from, would be so bold as to admonish the king in such a way!
“The nerve of you! How dare you talk to my father like that?” Ivasha snapped upon seeing Kai reprimand her father.

“Be quiet!” Yuven glared at her, indicating for her to stop talking. Then, he turned to Kai with a humble attitude and said in a low voice, “Mr. Chance, may we talk in private? I’ll explain everything.”
“You’d better have a proper explanation.” Kai passed the young woman in his arms to a nearby guard and instructed, “Find her somewhere safe.”
The guard took the young woman from him but dared not move. Yuven shot the guard a look, and only then did the latter quickly carry her away.

Hosen furrowed his brows after seeing that, struggling to wrap his head around the situation. I can’t figure out who on earth that punk is that he has the guts to admonish King Yuven!
After leading Kai out of the courtyard, Yuven found a quiet spot. He looked ashamed as he explained, “That man is Hosen Holt, the leader of Emerald Cauldron Sect and a top-tier alchemist. Mr. Poulsen’s daughter has been seriously ill, and many have failed to cure her. That’s why I invited Mr. Holt here.”

“Emerald Cauldron Sect?” Kai frowned, not expecting Hosen to turn out to be Brutus’ and Francois’ mentor. With a mentor like him, those two can’t be much better people!
“You don’t know about Emerald Cauldron Sect? It’s—”
Without waiting for Yuven to finish his sentence, Kai waved his hand and cut in, “No need to give me an introduction. Don’t tell me that you, the great and mighty King Yuven, fear Emerald Cauldron Sect? Is there a need to behave so obsequiously?”

“I’m not afraid, of course. If there’s a fight, Imperial Beast City can easily destroy Emerald Cauldron Sect at any time,” came Yuven’s reply.
“Then why are you still letting him do as he pleases in your city without stopping him?” Kai demanded angrily. Since he’s so much more powerful than Emerald Cauldron Sect, does he need to be so afraid of them?

Hearing that question, Yuven could only sigh and say, “There’s something you don’t know. Although we can destroy them at any moment, our hands are tied. As you know, there are no alchemists in the beast race. We have herbs but no way of refining them into pills. Our pills are all made with the help of human alchemists we hire. Besides that, the humans in Ethereal Realm and the beast race have coexisted in peace for hundreds of years. No one dares to disrupt the balance rashly. Should I act recklessly by going up against Emerald Cauldron Sect and wiping them out, no alchemists will be willing to help us refine pills ever again. There’s also the possibility that the human sects might join forces with the other kings and rulers of the beast race to obliterate Imperial Beast City. Many in the other beast race’s cities are already watching me like a hawk, wanting to replace me!”
He kept sighing as he spoke. From the looks of it, being in his position was not a walk in the park.
As Kai listened to him, he fell into deep thought. It never occurred to me that the situation would be so complicated in Ethereal Realm. King Yuven possesses far superior powers than Emerald Cauldron Sect, yet he has to scrape and bow to the latter.

“Are you saying no one from the beast race has ever become an alchemist?” He was baffled. Why can’t those from the beast race become alchemists? After all, it’s not like alchemy is some advanced magecraft. It’s not hard to learn.


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