The Mans Decree Chapter 2565

Chapter 2565 Increase The Reward
“It’s recorded in the beast race’s ancient archives that we did have alchemists in the past, but they gradually dwindled. None have appeared ever since,” Yuven answered.

Kai knitted his brows. My body has the celestial beast aura, and I can count as half a beast race. If it was possible for me, they should be able to do it too. I’ll study this carefully to see why those from the beast race can’t become alchemists. And if all else fails, I’ll tweak the alchemy techniques. Otherwise, King Yuven and the rest will remain under the humans’ thumb.

“Where’s Mr. Poulsen’s daughter? Take me to her. Perhaps I may be able to cure her. If it’s within my capabilities, you can tell Mr. Holt to get lost.” Kai did not dare send Hosen away before seeing Julius’ daughter. After all, if I can’t cure her, doing so would only be to her detriment.
Upon hearing that, Yuven asked in surprise, “Are you an alchemist too, My Lord?”

“I know a thing or two. Bring me to her first,” Kai replied modestly.

However, just as Yuven was about to take Kai to Julius’ daughter, a guard ran over to them.

“Why are you in such a fluster? What happened?” Yuven asked when he saw the panic-stricken guard.

The guard quickly explained, “Your Majesty, Mr. Poulsen’s daughter’s condition suddenly worsened. She threw up blood. I’m afraid she’s not going to make it…”

“What?” Yuven instantly grew alarmed after hearing that, especially since he had come to regard Julius’ daughter as his own.

He turned to the guard and said, “Quick! Go and get Mr. Poulsen and the others. Don’t forget to ask Mr. Holt to come along too!”

Soon, Julius and the others came out of the courtyard with Hosen following them.

Julius and Ivasha also looked anxious, but Hosen appeared calm and composed.

“Mr. Holt, my daughter can’t hold on much longer. Please, you must save her. I’m begging you!” Julius went up to Hosen and started pleading desperately.

However, Hosen swept his gaze over Kai before saying, “Saving your daughter isn’t a problem, but I haven’t fooled around enough with that woman just now. Once your daughter’s condition is under control, you must send that woman to me so I can continue having fun.”

Julius quickly turned to Yuven at those words. After all, it was up to the latter to make that decision. Yuven had been the one who asked his men to take the woman away earlier, so Julius dared not make the call to have her brought back.
“Mr. Holt, as long as you’re willing to help, we’ll do as you say.” Yuven could only compromise and acquiesce to Hosen’s demand.
After saying that, he sneaked a glance at Kai. If Kai objected to it, he would have no choice but to watch Julius’ daughter die since he could not disobey Kai’s command.
As one of Dragon Sect’s regiments, Yuven knew the thing that mattered the most was loyalty. There was no way he could go against Kai’s wishes.
However, seeing that Kai did not say anything, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
Meanwhile, Hosen smirked slightly upon hearing Yuven’s reply and shot Kai a taunting grin.

Kai ignored him, maintaining a calm expression. Since he knew nothing about Julius’ daughter’s condition, he could only put up with Hosen’s arrogance for now.
The group rushed to the daughter’s room, only to discover it covered in blood stains. She was deathly pale, and her weak breathing had almost stopped entirely. It was as though she was dead!

“Mr. Holt, what’s going on? Why is this happening? Please hurry and help check on her!” Julius was gripped with anxiousness at the sight of his daughter in that state.
“Your daughter’s condition is much more serious than I imagined. However, she’s not beyond saving. It’ll just take a longer time. Now that it’ll take longer, our reward should increase too,” Hosen drawled.


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