The Mans Decree Chapter 2568

Chapter 2568 Spirit Cloud
“How sure are you that it’s ruined? What if I’ve successfully made a pill with it?” Kai smirked.

“You’re joking. It’s only been ten minutes. I’ll kneel before you if you succeed!”
Hosen refused to believe him. A mystical herb like the Grus Divina would not be made into a pill in just ten minutes.
“Very well!”
Grinning, Kai calmly approached the Divine Cauldron and produced a crystal-clear pill from within. A faint glint of light emanated from around it.

The crowd wore similar expressions of disbelief when Kai had succeeded in transforming the Grus Divina into a pill.
Hosen muttered in shock, “Impossible. Absolutely impossible.”
As he spoke, he ran over to the Divine Cauldron and looked inside, trying to see if Kai had somehow played a trick.
“It’s no use looking. There’s nothing in there. This is the pill synthesized from the Grus Divina. The aura emanating from the pill contains traces of the scent of the herb. As an alchemist, surely you can detect it?” Kai said.

As a matter of fact, Hosen had detected the aroma from the moment Kai produced the pill, but he had simply refused to believe it.

“How is this possible?”

Even though the facts had been laid out right before him, Hosen still couldn’t believe it.

“Just because you can’t doesn’t mean nobody else can. How could you see the world out there being this closed-minded? Nothing is impossible. Now that I have succeeded, you may proceed to get on your knees,” Kai said as he regarded Hosen with a satisfied glance.

“I don’t know how you managed to make the pill from the Grus Divina in ten minutes, but I am certain it doesn’t serve any purpose. I refuse to believe you can cure the girl with it,” Hosen said loudly. I am the leader of Emerald Cauldron Sect. How can I kneel before a kid like him?
“Well then, let me convince you otherwise.” Kai handed the pill to Julius. “Give this to your daughter, Mr. Poulsen. She will be good as new within six hours.”

Julius took the pill excitedly. The crowd followed him into the room to watch as he fed his daughter the pill.

There was a sudden commotion outside at that moment. It sounded as if the crowd was animatedly discussing something.

“What’s all this racket? What’s going on?” Yuven said angrily when he heard the noise in the courtyard.

“I’ll go take a look.”

Ivasha exited the room and found the servants craning their necks and pointing upward.

Looking over, Ivasha found several clouds above the courtyard. They were of every color imaginable and looked very pretty.

“Father, come quick!” Ivasha cried out.

The crowd filed out of the room at Ivasha’s voice, stupefied at the sight of the colorful clouds in the sky.

“This is a strange sight, Your Majesty. Is something major going to happen?” Julius asked, looking shocked.

Yuven did not speak. He merely gaped at the sight above.

Hosen, on the other hand, froze at the sight of the clouds. “Is that all it takes to conjure Spirit Cloud?”

Even Kai was surprised. He did not expect the Grus Divina to be such a potent mystical herb that it managed to conjure such a large Spirit Cloud.

“Spirit Cloud? What are they?”

Yuven was confused. He had never heard of them.


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