The Mans Decree Chapter 2569

Chapter 2569 Kneel
“Spirit Cloud is only produced when making pills, but not every pill will yield Spirit Cloud. The appearance of Spirit Cloud indicates the high grade of the pill created. The larger the Spirit Cloud, the higher the grade of the pill. It seems the medicinal power of the Grus Divina is quite potent to produce such a massive Spirit Cloud in just about ten minutes,” Kai explained to Yuven.

“This is probably due to your mastery in alchemy, Mr. Chance. If it were someone else doing this, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to successfully craft the pill.”

Yuven spoke with a double entendre, clearly meant for Hosen to hear that.

At that moment, complex emotions churned within Hosen. Now that Spirit Cloud is formed, this proves the pill crafted by Kai is of a high grade. There’s no doubt about this. The pill is definitely not a failed product!

Hosen could only pray that Kai’s pill wouldn’t cure Julius’ daughter.

Although the pill was of a high grade, if it weren’t the right medication to treat the condition, the quality wouldn’t even matter.

However, at that moment, an excited voice rang out from within the room. “She’s awake! She’s awake!”

Hearing that, everyone rushed into the room and noticed Julius’ daughter had opened her eyes, and her complexion had also become much rosier.

“My daughter, y-you’re finally awake!” Tears streamed down Julius’ face as he threw himself at her.

“Dad…” Julius’ daughter also started crying.

After a few moments, Julius kneeled before Kai with a thud. “Mr. Chance, I’ll never forget your kindness.”

“Mr. Poulsen, don’t mention it. You should let your daughter get out of bed and move around. She has been lying down for so many years. Her body needs time to recover.” Kai helped Julius up.

Julius nodded, then personally assisted his daughter to get off the bed and walk.

Yuven was thrilled to see Julius’ daughter recovering.

Ivasha was especially impressed. Even the expression in her eyes as she gazed at Kai had shifted slightly.

She didn’t expect an insignificant human like Kai to possess such brilliant medical skills and compassion. He had even risked opposing Hosen to save a girl who had nothing to do with him.

“Now that I’ve crafted the pill and treated Mr. Poulsen’s daughter, isn’t it time for you to kneel?” Kai turned to Hosen.

Hosen was momentarily stunned. “Brat, how could I, the distinguished leader of Emerald Cauldron Sect, possibly kneel before you? Quit dreaming. I was just joking earlier.”

Hosen was prepared to renege as he would never kneel to Kai.

“You’re trying to go back on your word, huh?” Kai narrowed his eyes.

“That’s right. What can you do about it? All you did was use the Divine Cauldron and the Grus Divina to cure the girl. Without those items, you’re nothing. Nevertheless, that Divine Cauldron of yours is an amazing item. If you’re willing to gift it to me, I’ll offer you a position as an elder in Emerald Cauldron Sect!” Hosen said shamelessly. He had taken a liking to Kai’s Divine Cauldron.

Kai sneered, “Do you think you’re worthy of owning this Divine Cauldron? If you don’t kneel today, you can forget about leaving Imperial Beast City!”

“Hahaha! You’re too arrogant. Do you think Imperial Beast City is your home? Aren’t you forgetting King Yuven is here? Even he dares not utter such audacious words.” Hosen guffawed because he knew Yuven wouldn’t dare to harm him.

Kai’s threats alone were completely negligible to him. With Kai’s current strength, Hosen didn’t even bother taking him seriously.
“Mr. Holt, if you don’t get on your knees, I’m afraid you really won’t be able to leave Imperial Beast City!” Yuven said coldly.

Between Kai and Hosen, Yuven would naturally obey Kai’s words unconditionally. Compared to Kai, Hosen was just a small fry.
Yuven had merely treated Hosen with respect because he had needed his help.


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