The Mans Decree Chapter 2570

Chapter 2570 Pay In Folds
Hosen was stunned, and the smile on his face froze. He looked at Yuven in utter disbelief and asked, “King Yuven, what do you mean by that? Are you going to oppose Emerald Cauldron Sect for this brat? You must understand the consequences of opposing Emerald Cauldron Sect. No one will be willing to make pills for Imperial Beast City, and there might even be third parties joining forces to usurp your reign!” Hosen said threateningly to Yuven. He had completely forgotten to take into account Yuven’s attitude toward Kai.

The fact that Kai could admonish Yuven like a child clearly showed that the latter regarded Kai with respect a hundred times greater than he did to Hosen.

“Even if you attempt to out me now, you still have to kneel before Mr. Chance!”

After Yuven finished his sentence, a terrifying aura instantly burst forth from his body. The aura carried a strong stench of blood and the beast race’s intense ferocity.

Sensing Yuven’s overwhelming aura, Hosen shuddered. He couldn’t understand why Yuven would go against him for a brat like Kai and even risk the safety of the entire Imperial Beast City.
“Kneel, and you may leave. Otherwise…” Kai’s eyes gleamed with severe murderous intent as he turned to gaze at the trembling Hosen.

Hosen gritted his teeth as his face flushed crimson. Ultimately, he had no choice but to get on his knees.

After groveling at Kai’s feet and pleading for mercy, Hosen stood up and glowered hatefully at Kai. “You all better remember this. I will make you pay in folds for the humiliation I suffered today!”

Once Hosen left, Yuven looked at Kai in delight and said, “Mr. Chance, I didn’t expect your alchemy skills to be so outstanding. In the future, Imperial Beast City’s pills supply will no longer be restricted by others.”

Previously, in order to hire human alchemists, Yuven had to fork out many resources and behave subserviently. Now that he knew Kai was an alchemist whose skills far surpassed other alchemists, he no longer had to beg others.

However, Kai smiled wryly and replied, “Although I’m proficient at alchemy, I can’t stay here all the time to craft pills for you. You still need to cultivate your own alchemists. Take me to your library, and I’ll see if I can find out the secret behind why the beast race can’t become an alchemist from the information there.”

Upon hearing Kai wanted to help him train their own alchemists, Yuven was overjoyed and immediately led Kai to the library.

“Mr. Chance, I’ll get a translator for you since you won’t be able to read the beast race’s writings here,” Yuven said to Kai.

Kai waved his hand. “That’s not necessary. I can understand the language. You only need to assign someone to guard the door and make sure no one disturbs me.”

“You can understand?” Yuven gazed at Kai in astonishment, unable to fathom how Kai could comprehend the beast race’s language.

However, on second thought, Yuven realized it made sense for Kai to be able to read the language since he possessed the Divine Dragon’s aura. He was considered half a beast race.

Yuven instructed Tigerus to station the royal guards outside the library, prohibiting anyone from interrupting Kai.

Tigerus was beyond depressed. He had caught Kai in the library before and wanted to use that as an excuse to convict him.

But now, Kai was openly browsing the books inside the library while he had to stand guard for him.

Kai stayed inside the library and flipped through various books related to the beast race.

The more books he read, the better understanding he gained of the beast race.

It turned out the acupoints of the beast race were different from humans. Even if those beasts transformed into human forms, their acupoints were still dissimilar.

Although some acupoints overlapped, others were different. The cultivation techniques between humans and the beast race were also unalike, each having its own distinctions.


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