The Mans Decree Chapter 2571

Chapter 2571 Disaster Had Befallen
Only after Kai had learned all that did he understand why no one of the beast race could master alchemy, which he felt was as easy as a piece of cake.
“I’ve got the aura of the beast race. I wonder if I can open up the acupoints of the beast race on me.”
As he pored over the books, he started delving into the knowledge within. If I want to transform the beast race into alchemists, I must be the same as them!

At that thought, he slowly sat down on the floor. He stared at the beast race books in front of him before he gradually closed his eyes.
His spiritual sense slipped into his body. On the heels of that, it propelled the spiritual energy within him to start circulating.

Originally, it would circulate along the acupoints of the human race, shaping all kinds of energies and protections within the body.

But right then, he guided it into striking the spots that did not seem to have any acupoints in the body relentlessly.

In truth, however, all those spots had acupoints among the beast race.

The repeated impacts of spiritual energy were excruciating, the acute pain drenching him in sweat.

He had no idea whether his body was the same as the beast race and had acupoints in those spots. All he was doing was testing them out time and again. It was also exceedingly dangerous, but he could only go all out to avoid having his regiments under someone else’s control.

While Kai was in the library, working hard so that the beast race could cultivate, Ali laboriously forged ahead in the depths of the mountains with injuries littering his body.

At that moment, his clothes were all torn, and countless wounds marred his body. Considering his capabilities, it was already a miracle that he could make it into the depths of the mountains.

“Where are you, Kai? Where are you?” he bellowed in despair, leaning against a huge tree.

He knew that another day he failed to find Kai was one more day the villagers in Rock Village would suffer.

Alas, he was almost dead on his feet then, and the injuries he sustained made it difficult for him to soldier on. If I can’t find Kai, Rock Village would be doomed!

Gritting his teeth, he chugged some water and desperately pushed forward again.

But no sooner had he taken two steps than a ferocious Demon Wolf blocked his path.

At the sight of it, he promptly went pale. He was all too aware that he already had no strength left to face a Demon Wolf.

He dropped to his knees with tears streaming down his face endlessly, for he could imagine his fellow villagers’ fate right then.

“You’re too unfair, God! Why? Tell me why! Our lives are difficult, yet we still suffer so many misfortunes!” he cursed while kneeling on the ground.

Conversely, the Demon Wolf before him bared its fangs. Its eyes brimmed with excitement as it headed toward him.
In its eyes, the man was nothing more than prey since it was neither capable of emotions nor rational thought.
In the face of the approaching Demon Wolf, Ali was not panicked in the least. His face was devoid of emotion, and hopelessness was etched across his features.
The Demon Wolf let out an ear-splitting roar before lunging at him, aiming its gaping jaw right at his head.
Screwing his eyes shut, Ali waited for death to embrace him.
But in the nick of time, the Demon Wolf pouncing on him was suddenly sent flying with a kick.
Hearing the noise, Ali hurriedly opened his eyes, only to see Leifr standing in front of him.
At the sight of Leifr, the Demon Wolf that was kicked away instantly lay on the ground and turned unbelievably docile.
“Why are you here?” Leifr asked.
“Q-Quick, look for Kai. Tell him that disaster had befallen Rock Village!” Ali uttered with the last vestiges of his strength.
Right after saying that, he passed out. Eyeing the unconscious man, Leifr frowned. He then threw his head back and howled. In no time, a dozen Demon Wolves sprinted over.
He entrusted Ali to the Demon Wolves before racing toward Imperial Beast City at full tilt.


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