The Mans Decree Chapter 2572

Chapter 2572 Compiled A Book

In the library, rays of golden light materialized outside of Kai’s body as dozens of acupoints of the beast race opened up within him. In that instant, he was seemingly enlightened and sensed his transformation from a human to a part of the beast race.
“I can now change the aura within me at will. Consequently, I can also cultivate beast race techniques!”
Delight was written all over his face. He then started flipping through the beast race’s technique books.
Deciding on the most straightforward beast race technique, he started cultivating it after his spiritual sense had slipped into his body.

In the blink of an eye, cracking sounds resounded within his body. Every single bone seemingly shattered, followed by the swelling of the muscles.
He grew increasingly taller, even as the strength within him multiplied by leaps and bounds.
However, his appearance at that moment was very much peculiar, ghastly to the point of horrifying.
When he exhaled a long breath, his body slowly reverted to its initial form.

Although the technique was exceedingly simple and could only boost one’s strength for a moment without much use, it proved that he could learn beast race techniques henceforth.
Keeping his beast race acupoints open, Kai started circulating alchemy according to the memories in his consciousness field.
It was only as he did so that he realized the alchemy techniques were meant for humans. For that reason, cultivating it with the beast race’s anatomy was beyond challenging.
But that was nothing to him. He began to improve the cultivation techniques of alchemy according to the beast race’s anatomy and acupoints.

He experimented Incessantly before making records. Soon, he had a whole book on alchemy that included a lot of pharmacological knowledge.
“This is enough to study for quite some time.”
Gazing at the thick masterpiece in his hands, Kai grinned in gratification.
Subsequently, he stepped out of the library with the book he compiled in his hand. When he found Tigerus keeping watch with some men, surprise flooded him.

Nonetheless, he paid the man no mind but walked right past instead.
“Stop right there!” Tigerus cried out.
Halting in his tracks, Kai swung his gaze at the man. “What is it? I have King Yuven’s permission to visit the library this time. Are you planning on arresting me again?”
“King Yuven gave you permission to read the books in the library but not to take the books with you. Return the book in your hand to us. The books in the library are not allowed to be taken out.”

Tigerus only stopped Kai from leaving because he spotted the book in the latter’s hand.
“This isn’t a book from the library. I wrote this myself,” Kai explained.
Hearing that, Tigerus sneered, “You wrote it? How are you going to prove that? Hand the book over immediately! Otherwise, I’ll escort you to see King Yuven.”

He was extremely hostile toward Kai, for he disliked humans, more so when the person was on close terms with Ivasha.
“Go and get King Yuven, then.”
Kai could no longer be bothered to waste his breath with Tigerus.

“Do you think you can meet King Yuven anytime you want? His Majesty is kind enough to allow you to read in the library, and that’s already magnanimous. Yet, you even want to take a book out. Hand it over now and follow me to confess your crimes to His Majesty. Otherwise, don’t blame me for showing you no mercy.”
Tigerus whipped out his weapon, prepared to make a move if Kai dared to decline.
At that precise moment, Ivasha hurried over. When she saw Tigerus with his sword drawn against Kai, she barked sharply, “What are you doing, Tigerus? Are you revolting? King Yuven ordered you to protect Kai, not attack him.”

“Never mind if he merely read in the library, but he even wanted to take a book out!” Tigerus groused aggrievedly.


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