The Mans Decree Chapter 2573

Chapter 2573 Rushed Back

Ivasha cast a glance at the book in Kai’s hand. Following that, Kai explained, “This is a book on alchemy I wrote for the beast race. It contains a lot of alchemy techniques and pharmacological knowledge the beast race can use to cultivate.”
“You wrote it?” Ivasha took the book with a surprised expression on her face. Flipping through it, she found that it indeed contained alchemy techniques. Such a book had never existed in the library.
When she shifted her eyes back to him, her gaze carried much intrigue and admiration. She slowly returned the book to him.
Meanwhile, Tigerus was livid upon glimpsing the look in her eyes as she regarded Kai.

“This book doesn’t belong to the library, so he’s free to take it out,” Ivasha said to Tigerus.
“As the general guarding over Imperial Beast City, Princess Ivasha, I can’t ever allow—”

Before Tigerus had finished speaking, Ivasha stepped forward and smacked him across the face.
“Remember this—my word is the law. How dare you go against my orders?”
Her temper spiked.
Seeing that, Tigerus lowered his head and said nothing further.
“Let’s go!”

Ivasha then left with Kai.
As Tigerus stared at the duo’s retreating backs, the malice in his eyes intensified.
“Were you looking for me for a reason, Princess Ivasha?” Kai queried.

After all, Ivasha must have gone to the library to seek him out since she could not possibly be there to look for Tigerus.
“Leifr came to Imperial Beast City in search of me. He said a friend of yours was looking for you while littered with injuries, seemingly claiming that disaster had befallen Rock Village,” Ivasha answered.
As soon as Kai heard that, he stood stock-still. A terrifying murderous intent emanated from him.
Even Ivasha was a touch petrified by his sudden change.

“Where’s that friend of mine?” Kai demanded, with murder radiating off him.
“He’s under Leifr’s protection, so he’ll be fine. Leifr is waiting at the city gates right now,” Ivasha replied timidly, eyeing the man warily.
The instant Kai heard that, he passed the book in his hand to her. “Give this book to your father and tell him to select some talented individuals to cultivate,” he instructed.
Having said that, he sprinted toward the city gates at breakneck speed.
“Hey! Wait for me!”

Ivasha chased after him.
When Kai caught sight of Leifr at the gates, he swiftly rushed over. “Where’s my friend? Where is he?”
“Your friend is injured. He’s still in the forest in the mountains, but I’ve assigned a dozen Demon Wolves to guard over him, so he’s in no danger,” Leifr divulged.

“Lead me there! Bring me to him right this instant!” Kai urged, stepping forward and clutching the man’s shoulders forcefully.
Leifr glanced at Ivasha, upon which the latter gave a dip of her head. “Bring him there and obey his commands henceforth.”
Despite Leifr’s puzzlement, he could only obey since she had said as much.

“Come with me.”
With Kai in tow, he left in a flash.
As Ivasha studied Kai’s retreating back, the look in her eyes changed once more, for she sensed a man’s masculinity in him.

Leifr led Kai to Ali. Right then, Ali was passed out on the ground with injuries littering his body.
Kai hastily stepped forward. He infused a wave of spiritual energy into the man. A moment later, Ali slowly opened his eyes.
“Kai… Kai…” The moment he saw Kai, he grabbed the man’s arm emotionally. “Quick, save Rock Village! Save Rock Village, quick!”
“Calm down, Ali. What exactly happened?” Kai questioned.

At that, Ali narrated everything Brutus and Francois did at Rock Village.
Kai’s face went as black as thunder, and his eyes brimmed with murder.
It looks like I was right. Sure enough, Brutus and Francois went looking for Rock Village, unwilling to sit idly by and do nothing when I had taken Grus Divina away!
“Help me take care of Ali, Leifr.”

After entrusting Ali to Leifr, he rushed back toward Rock Village as fast as possible.


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