The Mans Decree Chapter 2574

Chapter 2574 Report Back
At Rock Village, another villager was killed by Brutus at the square.
Although all the villagers of Rock Village were infuriated, there was nothing they could do. Before Brutus and Francois, they were lambs waiting to be slaughtered, powerless to put up even a hint of resistance.

On top of that, they did not dare go against Emerald Cauldron Sect. If they did, the consequence would be the obliteration of the whole village.
At that exact moment, the token at Francois’ waist flashed. When Francois glanced at it, his expression turned tense and grin.

“What’s wrong, Francois?” Brutus asked.
“Master is summoning me back,” Francois answered nervously, a frown marring his countenance.
Right now, I haven’t obtained Grus Divina yet. If I were to return empty-handed, I’m sure to be punished. But then, I can’t ignore Master’s summons!
“Go and report back to Master first, Francois. I’ll keep guard here. If Kai returns, I’ll seize him and bring him to Emerald Cauldron Sect!” Brutus declared.

He did not want to go back and be punished.
Francois shifted his gaze to him and commented, “Kai’s capabilities are pretty impressive. If you’re here alone, I’m afraid—”

“Don’t worry, Francois! I’ll definitely teach that kid a lesson. If I can’t even handle a lowly villager, the Emerald Cauldron Sect’s reputation would be ruined. Go and report back to Master. Just tell him that we’ll be able to obtain Grus Divina in another two days!” Brutus asserted confidently.
Unbeknownst to them, their master had long since learned about Grus Divina’s whereabouts and had even gone to his knees before Kai.

“All right, then. Don’t be soft-hearted here. If you don’t see Kai tomorrow, kill two people without hesitation. These lowly peasants must be punished before they’d be afraid and work for you for real!” Francois stated.
“Don’t worry, Francois. If I don’t see Kai in three days, I’ll slaughter the entire village.”
Despite his title as a Miracle Doctor, Brutus lacked medical ethics. Instead, he was a monster who killed without batting an eye.

Francois nodded. Subsequently, he left Rock Village and went back to report to his master.
Brutus had Antonio prepare a feast for him. At that moment, he had no idea that his death was imminent.
Meanwhile, Kai rushed toward Rock Village with all his strength at the fastest speed possible.
His capabilities had recovered by seventy percent then, and there were many methods he could use. Thus, he was no longer afraid of Brutus and Francois.

Furthermore, the villagers of Rock Village were currently in great peril, and he was the one who brought the danger to their doorstep.
When Kai arrived at Rock Village, the villagers’ expressions grew emotional after they saw him returning.
The instant Percy and Emily laid eyes on him, they both burst into tears.

“You’re finally back, Kai! Those b*stards are killing people every day! You’ve got to avenge us, Kai! Please avenge us!”
They wept bitterly.
Witnessing their fellow villagers being killed daily, they had long since harbored great rage within them.
Out of the corner of his eye, Kai glanced at the square a near distance away, only to see a few dead bodies scattered around. They were people Brutus killed in the past few days, and their bodies were prohibited from being taken away for no other reason than intimidate the villagers of Rock Village.

“Rest assured that I’ll rip them into pieces!”
He gritted his teeth and balled his hands into fists, giving off boundless waves of murderous intent.
Antonio seemingly sensed something, for he also hurriedly ran out as well. When he caught sight of Kai, his expression remained unchanged. He merely strode forward briskly and started, “Ali went to look for you, Kai. Did you see him?”

He was worried about Ali’s safety as the latter was the backbone of the younger generation in Rock Village.


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